Friday, February 19, 2021

Friday Favourites

 I posted this meme to my Instagram Stories on Tuesday morning after the kids went back to school and I found myself staring out of the window.  

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday with pancakes and sausages for supper.  We use this recipe and it is always delicious.  

I went skating on Wednesday at lunchtime and it was so lovely to be out. I had the rink to myself for about 20 minutes and then a few people showed up, including our neighbour so I did a few turns with him.  A little chilly up there on the hill but the sun was warm. 

E had an appointment on Thursday afternoon so I picked him up from school at lunchtime so we could go skating before his appointment.  It was colder than the day before but still nice to be out for some winter activity.

Our favourite pizza place, Queen Margherita, does half price pizzas on Wednesdays so we picked some up this week.  As much as we love making our own pizza, there is something special about theirs.  We all enjoyed our pies.  Also I went to pick them up and it was so nice to be in the restaurant, if only for a moment.  They had music playing, a game on the TV, staff buzzing around, and it made me miss indoor dining so much.

With all of the snow on Tuesday, the kids and Dave worked on a fort on Wednesday after school.  They have a little tunnel so far and even more snow expected. 

We seem to be running out of masks quickly around here, so I ordered a few more from the Gap this week and also added another pair of joggers to my cart for myself.  

I don't believe the hosts for this link up, Andrea and Erika, are posting today as they live in Texas and their lives have been turned upside down this week.  I am sympathetic to the people in this area who just do not have the experience with snow and cold, but then to also be without power and water, it's not a fun experience. 

Have a nice weekend everyone. 


  1. How nice to be able to go skating by yourself!!! And yes, I've thought a lot about how Texas is struggling with this cold. My parents had struggles with their house when it was below -40 for a few weeks in Saskatchewan but that was very prolonged cold with houses that are built to (mostly) withstand it. And they never lost power or water.

  2. Yes, the house must have felt so quiet with the boys back at school. I'm sure you missed them. How lovely to have those noon times skating. Despite the bitter cold. I have been feeling badly for the Texans as well. How difficult for them.

  3. I was so happy to hear that both Andrea and Erika were able to get the link up running today and that they're doing OK with everything going on in Texas. My boys used to carve all sorts of forts and tunnels in the snowbanks too. We have enough snow that they could easily do that this year but they've grown out of that stage for sure.