Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Weekend Recap

Yesterday I posted about my Friday as a Day in the Life style post.

On Saturday morning we were ready to hit the slopes.  We had gone skiing once in December and then ski hills were shut down until finally opening back up on Tuesday, February 16.  Our season passes were refunded and the lesson program cancelled, but we got our lift tickets online ahead of time.  Q has been excited to get back skiing. 

It was a beautiful day!

We did a couple of runs down the bunny hill to get Q comfortable again. 

But it didn't take long and soon we were on the big lift together.

E and I did some runs of our own while Dave took Q down the hill.

Water and snack break at the car.

We met our friends there. They parked beside us so we could have lunch together, and we did a few runs throughout the day.

Q was killing it!  I have more confidence that he will know how to stop and turn.  That makes it much more relaxing to go down the hill with him.

We parked by the chair lift so we skied to the car to have our lunch.  The lodge is offering some indoor dining and take out, but we just brought our lunch and ate at the car.

It clouded over slightly in the afternoon, but was still a great day.  We had six hour passes and we pretty much spent the whole time skiing.  

We made a charcuterie board for our dinner when we got home.

We were all comfy and cozy after a great day of being outside.  We watched Ratatouille.

On Sunday I picked up our grocery order at 9:00 am and when I got home, we packed up the running stroller to go skating.

Another beautiful day.  Lessard Park was the place to be on Sunday morning. 

Q spent a bit of time just playing in the snow at the side of the rink, but he was happy.

Dave had walked over to get coffees and donuts from The Golden Gecko while we were skating. We had those after lunch when we got home. 

The kids did some St. Patrick's Day drawings.  And I took down the Valentine's Day decorations.

Then we went outside to go sledding for a bit.  Someone had built a ramp at the bottom so that added to the fun.

We had chilli for supper and watched a couple of shows before bed.  Winter is not over yet but you can tell it is ending, and we have enjoyed this winter weekend. 

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  1. What a great weekend of being outside! And Q is probably a better skier than I am!!!