Monday, February 8, 2021

Not Just A Mom Link Up - Healthy Habits and Staying Motivated


Hi there! Thanks for stopping in to see my healthy habits and how I stay motivated.

Eating healthy and staying active are priorities for Dave and me so that makes it a bit easier since we tend to have same goals and we keep each other motivated.  

We also have two active children and making sure we get outside to move is important so keep everyone happy.

My healthy habits include:


- Having lots of options for working out.  We have a Peloton App subscription and I have a digital membership to Saor Studio (where I will someday return to in person).  Those two platforms have a variety of different classes so you can always find something you want.
- Making sure I do something everyday, maybe not a workout, but at least a walk.  Having the Apple Watch and tracking my fitness has really been a good motivator to fit exercise into my day.
- Running with my little group on Thursday mornings (at an appropriate distance and the number of us is low). Especially now when seeing people outside of your family is rare, it is nice to get out with other people to chat.
- Listening to my body and if I'm not feeling a high impact workout, I'll do something a little slower like a slow burn barre class or yoga. 


- Planning our meals and doing a weekly grocery order.  This helps so much.
- Keeping a list of healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.  So if I'm having a hard time deciding what to eat, I consult my list rather than reaching for something less than nutritious.
- Limiting junk food in our house.  Grabbing a cookie is so easy so it's better if they aren't in the house. 
- Planning for treats.  We did Dry January and have decided that we'll limit drinking and nighttime snacks to Fridays and Saturdays.  We won't feel tempted to drink other nights since we know we've already planned for Friday and Saturday. 
- We incorporate a variety of meals into our planning - some vegan, some vegetarian, and some not.  Some are gluten free and some are dairy free.  We are lucky we don't have any diet restrictions but we still get to try everything. 
- Drinking water as much as possible. I don't have any special water bottles or apps, but I definitely consider water consumption to be very important. 

Mental Wellness

- Working on mindfulness, which to me means focusing on the activity I am doing at the time instead of letting my mind race to a bunch of other things. It is a practice for sure.
- Giving myself a break if I'm not having a good day.  That doesn't mean I get to stop what I'm doing completely, but I can acknowledge I'm not feeling 100% and that taking a short break or just simply knowing the day isn't going well can be enough. 
- Knowing it's okay to get upset about something, but that I can't stew about it forever or let it ruin my whole day.  I'm actually pretty good at not letting things bothering me (perhaps to a fault, just ask Dave), but this is also something I remind my kids about too.

I stay motivated because I know how good I feel when I take care of myself.  I like sleeping well, having energy, fitting into my clothes, and not getting out of breath.  I know what I need to do to feel that way, so if my habits start to slip, then I know I need to get back into the groove.  I know that sounds simplistic but that's it. 

Thanks for coming by today.  :)

Next month we talk about our Favourite Phone Apps.

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  1. I like that you included mental wellness too!

  2. I have been trying to compile a list of my favorite snacks and mini meals but have been so bummed that I can't click on old dates on my WW app and see those lists of foods I used to rely on. Thankfully I used to keep track on a weekly blog post; which I'm thinking of going back to doing.

  3. It does help to have someone to workout with or an accountability partner! I love what you said about mental wellness and giving yourself a break. If there's a day I don't feel like doing my usual workout, I at least go for a walk.Placing grocery pickup orders has helped me to buy too many unhealthy extras like I would if I was in the store.

  4. I love how you broke it into 3 areas...simplifying might be the best advice. I am thinking about signing up for the Peloton app so I can have options.

  5. I love all of your tips! I am trying to work on mindfulness too, and you're right-- it's definitely a practice! One I need to keep practicing a lot more :)

  6. Mental wellness is the most important. SO good that you are leading the kids with your active examples.

  7. I love what you said about mental wellness. I think that's really important too. And of course, listening to your body.