Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Let's Look - Love Language


On this month's instalment of Let's Look we are looking at our Love Language.  I have known about these five love languages (quality time, physical touch, acts of service, receiving gifts, and words of affirmation) but never read the book or did the quiz.  I did finally do the quiz last week and it confirmed what I already knew.  My top love language is acts of service.  When I think about what I like most, it is when something is taken off my plate and looked after for me.  It can also translate into something as simple as a coffee being brought to me, or a suggestion that we go out for dinner (in the before times of course, now that just means ordering food).  It also means that I am happy to have Dave look after certain things like our finances and budget, house renovations, and other things. 

Dave brought me a coffee yesterday afternoon when he was running errands, the best!

Dave's love languages is physical touch and quality time.  He did not do the quiz, but I know that's what they are.  Interestingly those two ranked low on my list of priorities.  This can be a challenge to be married to someone opposite to you, but I think we mostly make it work.

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  1. Dave and I are opposites too -- he loves physical affection and I love acts of service. It's a balance but we make it work.

  2. Mine is acts of service too, and my husband is also Dave and his is quality time.

  3. Mine is words of affirmation followed by acts of service. Darin's is physical touch and i think quality time.... We are very opposite. I'm like less hugging, more chores LOL!