Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Weekend Recap

Friday marked the end of another long week.  We had our homemade pizza for supper but no movie night.  Everyone was tired so the kids just played and then went to bed early.  Dave and I watched some episodes of Schitt's Creek.  

Dave helped with the local community rink all week, and on Saturday night it was ready for use.  Dave took our skates to get sharpened first thing and then we went to try it out.  This was Q's first time on skates but he enjoyed it, despite needing a lot of help.

E hasn't skated for a few years but he loved it. He's working on stopping :)

What a beautiful day.

Here for the snacks.

I've had these skates since high school and they are still coming in handy.

We stayed longer than I thought we would, and then went home for lunch.  After lunch I got some craft stuff out and we tried a few Valentine themed things.  E found some videos of things to make on YouTube so they played around with those.  This was mostly a "have fun" activity rather than producing any output.

I made these :)

We finished of the afternoon with a few sledding runs by the river.

Here comes E!


We collected some nature things and brought them home to make ice sun catchers.  You just arrange the grasses and sticks in water and then leave them outside.  See below for the result.

After supper we watched the last Narnia movie as Dave and E had finally finished reading the book.

On Sunday we started our day nice and slowly - two movies for the kids, I did some work, and watched the live stream of our church service, and then had lunch.     

We headed outside after lunch to go sledding.  It was cold!!!! We stuck it out for over an hour, but didn't take many photos.

Here are our sun catchers.  They are displayed on our fence.

We had an easy supper of spaghetti and meatballs, everyone got cleaned up, I did my weekly face mask, we read to the kids, and then watched SNL.

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  1. Sledding and skating! Nice to see how you enjoy winter. That rink looks fantastic. Another great family activity for you. The sun catchers are pretty. I really like the photo you took of the bridge as the sun is setting. Beautiful.

  2. I LOVE your Valentine's owl. I'm going to see if Rachel wants to make one because she loves owls. Rachel and I had a "spa afternoon" on Sunday and did face masks too! And now I want to make your ice sun catchers. Those are so pretty!

    I finally bought new skates last year because I was sick of not having skates which didn't hurt my feet. Except now I have hockey skates so I have to learn how to stop (and get going) without a toe pick :)

    1. I just looked up Valentine crafts on Pinterest so I'm sure you can find the "pattern" for the owl.

  3. I have white skates like that from high school too! Though I can't remember the last time I used them. Despite our lake being nice and frozen over I am much to fearful of falling and hurting something nowadays. Looks like you all had lots of fun.

    1. I've never been a super good skater but I used to be able to a waltz jump and bunny hop. I am afraid to leave the ice now, but I can still get around the rink.