Thursday, February 11, 2021

Valentine's Day Preparations

 I always like to get a few special treats for Valentine's Day and this year I was prepared and had time to get organized in advance. 

We put up some decorations a couple of weeks ago to get into the festive spirit.

The kids go back to school on Tuesday (bless!), so after Valentine's Day, but Q's teacher suggested they could still do Valentine cards and bring them in when they return.  Isn't that nice of her? (sarcasm!)  Now, I know it was optional but I knew I had to get some so Q wouldn't feel left out. I got him some Avenger themed ones and he helped put them together.  He can't quite write his name small enough for the size of the cards so he wrote a "Q" and Dave and I helped him with the rest.  

I ordered some books for the kids from our local book store, for curb site pickup.  I also picked up a couple of books for myself, a cookbook and Canadian novel.

My mom sent some treats from Laura Secord and I got a couple of cookies for the boys too.

I also got some pink sprinkles so we could make cookies or brownies and decorate them at home. And I found a cool art project on Pinterest that we can try out on Friday (since there is no school that day).

I also ordered a fun food related treat for Dave and I to open on Sunday from Culinary Adventures.  I had ordered a box of Christmas Market items in December and was interested in the Valentine's Day box.  I'll share the contents of that box next week. 


  1. I might do that Kandinsky art project with Rachel. She would LOVE it. And I was THRILLED when I read that Valentine's cards weren't being encouraged this year but then Rachel's teacher "broke" the rules and said kids could send them in this past week and hand them out next week, once they'd quarantined. Argh. Fortunately, Dave was in charge of helping her with them.

  2. That's great you can shop locally for the boy's books. I'll be interested to hear what the Valentine food box contains. Enjoy a Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. That's a fun craft. lol at the teacher and these valentine crafts... so glad we don't have to do them this year... eesh. Sounds like a fun time.