Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Weekend Recap

 We took this photo on the Friday night, the last day of school before Christmas and what we can only assume is the start of our second long break from school.  We thought we needed to document it.  (Since then the school break has only been extended slightly, but I wonder if that will change again.)

On Saturday morning I walked up to get some bread and bagels.  When I got back I tackled the oven.  I don't like to use the self-cleaning feature, so instead I just sprayed it with oven cleaner and let it sit for awhile before wiping it all down.  And I also cleaned the racks with SOS pads.  It was a dirty job but I was glad to get it done!

After that we took a quick spin around the block for some fresh air with a stop at the playground.

Then we tuned into the Sunday School Christmas Pageant Watch Party.  The participants all logged onto a Zoom call and got a sneak peak.  If you're interested in watching it you can find it here.  Q and E's role are later in the program.  

We made some sugar cookies while talking to my mom on FaceTime. 

On Sunday morning we got ready for our first ski outing of the year. 

We had to get suited up by the car instead of going inside the lodge, but it was fine.  Unfortunately Q's boots were too small with the thick socks we put him in, so we had to rent boots for him

We did some runs on the small hill and then E and I went to the bigger hill.  They only had three runs open, but half of Family had a makeshift terrain park on it so E liked that. 

Then Dave and Q joined us on the lift.

He fell a lot but was a trooper and kept trying.  He improved so much throughout the day.

We ate our lunch at the back of the car.  We were lucky it wasn't very cold.

We debated if we should do some more runs but the sun was coming out so we went for it. 

It was a pretty great day and now we are so sad that ski hills are being locked down for four weeks.  The kids are both so excited to ski and we were prepared for the various restrictions of having to stay outside of the lodge for the whole day.  Skiing seems like an ideal activity even with a lockdown, but this is what we have.  Hopefully by the end of January the hill can reopen and the kids can carry on with their lessons (and racing for E).

We got home mid afternoon and after supper we joined our friends for a virtual game of Hedbandz.

An easy weekend before Christmas :)


  1. That is a shame about the ski hills being on lockdown. Glad you had a day out before that happened. It looks like a great winter outdoor activity for the whole family.

  2. I don't understand why the ski hills have been closed this time. This lock down is weird in terms of what they decided to close and what to keep open. I hope you can get some skiing in this winter. And I REALLY hope the kids are back in school on January 11th. As a secretary, I'm going back into the school on Monday (along with the principal) so I'm hoping that the kids will be able to come back on time.