Thursday, December 10, 2020

Christmas Decorations - Home Tour

Come on in to our home and see how we've decorated this year!  

Looking into the front of the house.

Some snowflakes and stars on the chandelier.

Simple red, gold, and white on the mantle.

I picked up some tiny string lights at Loblaws this year and there is a strand on the mantle. It has a timer setting so they come up on at 5:00 pm for 6 hours.  It is a nice little touch.

The other side of the living room.

E likes to set up the nativity.  They are all gathered around the baby and the piano light is tilted up (see above) as the "star".  He had set up the angel on top of the stable, but I thought that was too precarious. 

We have some felt birds on the windowsill but my photos didn't really turn out.  

This shelf has some stuffies and other things the kids can play with, including our Playmobil Nativity (but it was in shambles when I took the photo, so you only get the top two shelves).  

Daytime tree

And nighttime - I think it is the perfect shape.

A few of my favourite ornaments.  A crocheted ball, a ballerina I made when I was little, and in the background a squirrel (since we have lots of those!).


Our Hawaii ornament.

Bottle brush fox.


A new one this year from my mom - a Santa on a shell.

We got this in Wawa on our summer road trip

Felted Santa

An M from Anthropologie that we got in New York City

Just a few things in the kitchen window.  That bowl is waiting to be filled with candy.

We have another strand of those lights here.

A view of our family room

Another strand of those lights here too.

Just a couple of things downstairs.

And with the lights, it is my favourite thing this year.

And upstairs to the kids' trees.  I also put up some of their Christmas artwork from years' past. It works well just taped to their doors.

Q's room.

And his door

E's tree

Thanks for following along. 


  1. Thanks for the Christmas home tour! I love all your decorations! And the strings of wee lights add so much! I found one for my mantel, too.

  2. I love your decorations and all the special ornaments. Also, now I want some of those light strings -- I can think of a few places to put them!

  3. SO festive and cozy. I have tons of those fairy lights as well.... love it!