Thursday, August 6, 2020

Summer Holiday Part 3

Another perfect morning for weather on Wednesday.

I had a work phone call scheduled so I stayed back and set up my computer.  But then my call was cancelled so the cat kept me company for awhile.  

We got a fire going when everyone got back from fishing so we could cook our fish here instead of inside. 

We should have been doing this all week!

After some quiet time, we went over to the beach and then tried out the kayaks.

E fed the horses some carrots.


Cool dude

And after supper, another night on the pontoon boat.

After driving for a bit, Q fell asleep.

Our last day was Thursday.  The plan for another fish fry that night so we needed to get out and catch our dinner. 

Dave caught this nice bass.

And I caught my dinner right away.

Dave and I both lots our hooks a couple of times - once each to getting caught on the bottom or rock, and then we both lost out to big pikes that cut our lines.  So annoying, I almost had mine in the boat before it snapped.

Dave's mom was picking blueberries so it was just Cliff and E in the other boat.  

Q was getting tired, so we went back where I stayed with the boys, and Dave took his parents out again.  Meanwhile we rested and watched TV.

Since we still needed fish for our dinner, everyone went out in the afternoon except for Q and me (as you'll recall I had already caught my fish).  We went swimming.  (This is actually E from when he got back)

Dave's dad caught this massive pike.  It went back in the water but he was proud.

And E was successful too.

We had a delicious fish fry and then a homemade ice cream cake for dessert.

On Friday we were up dark and early ready to head home.  We took a breakfast break at Kakabeka Falls.

Q didn't want to look since he was still eating his breakfast.

But he was ready for a phot on the way back.

Then we pulled off the highway to eat our lunch at Aguasabon Gorge (near Terrace Bay). 

And then we got an ice cream treat and playground break in White River.  This is the home of the original Winnie the Pooh.  You may remember this Heritage Minute.  The solider picked up the orphaned bear cub from a trapper in White River.

We pulled into our hotel in Sault Ste Marie (the Comfort Inn) around 5:30. We got settled in and then went out for supper. We chose Stackt Burger for take out and we ate by the water front.  It was so good.

Then climbing on some outdoor art installations at the art gallery.

We didn't have to get up as early the next day since we only needed to catch the ferry at 3:00 that afternoon.  The free breakfast at the Comfort Inn translated into a paper bag breakfast since their dining room was closed.  We each had a muffin, fruit cup, and juice and ate outside in the Muskoka chairs. 

Since we had extra time, we stopped at the big Loonie in Echo Bay and took a little walk on the boardwalk there. 

Then onto Manitoulin Island.  We went to this brewery for beers and lunch.

Covid Beer

We also tried stopping at Mum's Bakery in Mindemoya for apple fritters but they sold out way before we showed up, and instead we just got an assortment of other sweets.  Then we waited in line at the ferry terminal.

Q was excited to see the ferry.

On board

We had to wear our masks the entire time we were on the boat (1 hour and 45 minutes) but it was fine.  The kids didn't complain about it at all, they are very adaptable. 

We had downloaded a movie for them to watch on the iPad so that kept them entertained.  The adults played crib.

Once we were off the boat we grabbed supper at the Tacomoray food truck.

Dave and Q had tacos, E and I had nachos.

Then we drove home, sort of emptied the car, put the kids to bed and then watched the Raptors game.

It was a very successful and enjoyable trip, even though it wasn't really how we had planned it and we missed the family that couldn't join us this year.  We are so fortunate that we get to visit this spot and that we could still go this year.  Thank you for welcoming us Don, Brenda, Allison, and Alex and sharing your home and pets with us! 

Thank you readers for sticking with me for these long posts.  You can see Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


  1. So enjoyed reading about your trip. That first photo is amazing! Perfect reflection in the water. The falls, the gorge, and the ferry smoke stack art! You saw so much. Those boys saw and did lots....good little travellers! Thanks!

  2. This looks like such a good, relaxing trip! This brings back so many memories of our Northern Ontario drive. We LOVED Terrace Bay and White River and enjoyed taking the Manitoulin Ferry.

  3. What beautiful falls! We stayed at a hotel last month and they just didn't have their free breakfast or any food options which we were OK with until the following morning when we realized NOTHING was open for breakfast on Tuesday mornings until 9 am nearby... we had been up at 5! We finally just got in the car and drove using Google Maps to find us something to eat.