Monday, August 17, 2020

Summer Vacation Q&A

 I always love some blogging prompts.  I've borrowed this from a fellow Canadian, Natasha.

1. Top Five Items You Pack When Headed on Vacation?
- Phone charger - An obvious must :)
- Water bottle - I like to carry one around with me and just fill it up at restaurants or fountains, and also to have in the hotel room, those tiny hotel cups don't cut it1
- Sneakers - We like to run in other cities.
- Rain Jacket - You never know the weather, but good to have a light jacket so you're not stuck in your hotel room when it's raining.
- An itinerary - I like to have everything planned out so I start planning trip on a Google Doc early on, and then I can access that Doc on my phone (even offline) so we know what to do next and consult our restaurant list.

2. Packing Cubes? Yes or No?
No, I haven't tried them.

3. Do You Prefer Warm or Cold Destinations?
Definitely warm!!

4. Favourite Vacation Location Of All Time?
I think I will say Barcelona.  We have been there twice and I love it because it has all of the charms of an old European city but it also has the beach.  It also has a temperate climate so even when we were there in January, the weather was still quite pleasant. 

5. What Are your Staycation Tips?
Keep it simple.  Take hikes and bikes near your home, get some take out to eat in a park, and grab an ice cream cone.  We have really enjoyed not having to be anywhere on a schedule or feeling like we should be going to various events, fairs, games, and shows. 

6. Camping? Glamping? or Not?
Camping, although some people would probably call it glamping.  I wrote about how we camp .here

7. How Many States Have You Been To?
13 - California, Nevada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida
And I've been to 9 (out of 10) Provinces and 1 (out of 3) Territory.

8. Have You Ever Travelled By RV?
No, but we did think that would be a fun trip sometime. 

9. Most Random Place You Have Ever Been To?
I guess you could say Iqaluit in Nunavut since not many people have gone there. I posted about that trip here but took the trip in 2008. 

10. What Is The First Place You Are Travelling To When The Pandemic Is Over?
(To be clear I think it will be awhile before the pandemic is "over", and we will probably do some travelling in the next year.)  It would depend on the time of year, but we would like to do an all-inclusive in Jamaica since we missed out on that planned vacation in March and now have a credit with Air Canada Vacations.  Obviously going to Nova Scotia would be nice but right now they still have the 14 day quarantine in place.  I would also love to go to Europe too.  


  1. Yes, I always take my water bottle too! That's a good one! I carry it empty with me through airport security and then fill it up past that because airlines never give you enough water.

    Which province haven't you been to? I'm curious. And I'm off to read about Nunavut. I'd love to go there sometime.

    And after seeing your comment, now I want to go to Barcelona. That sounds like the perfect vacation spot.

    I was thankful Saskatchewan didn't have the 14 day quarantine in place because we wouldn't have been able to go. We have some friends who are really wanting to go visit their family in Nova Scotia too so I hope for all your sakes the Atlantic bubble opens up soon.