Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Summer Holiday Part 2

We woke up to a beautiful day on Sunday. Dave went outside to enjoy his coffee and suddenly had some company.

I caught the first fish of the morning, a nice sized pike.

Then Dave caught a couple of fish too.

I drove the boat back to the dock.

We fried them up for our lunch, so good!

We went for a boat ride to a couple of other lakes to see the outposts.  We took photos and videos with the GoPro and I didn't get a chance to move them onto the computer yet.  When I do I'll update this portion of the post. For now, here is a photo of the lake system so show you where we went.  Started at the Main Camp, went across the portage, then up to Mount Lake, back to the new outpost on Pettit Lake where we stopped for drinks and snacks, and then back home through the portage again (sadly, that is where Dave lost his hat).  (After I did these humble drawings, I realized I put the portage path in the wrong spot, I think you have to around that piece of land first and then through the woods, but you get the idea.)

The boys played with the dogs before supper.   This is Hannah, she has been around for many years.

These are Dave's photos of the lodge.

The boys and all of the dogs.

On Monday the weather was a bit grey but we knew we could get out for some morning fishing. 

This time E went with Grandma and Papa.

They were pretty successful.

And so were we!

A storm rolled through just as we got back to shore.

Our yummy lunch.

The weather cleared up the afternoon and we did some swimming.

Docktail Monday!

Behind the scenes.

This view!

Another morning of fishing on Tuesday, with more fish to fry up for lunch, and some to keep to take home.

E picked up a few eggs from the chicken coop for our breakfast.

On Tuesday afternoon, Dave's parents looked after the kids and we got to go fishing by ourselves.

Baby eagle.

The kids were on the dock waiting for us when we got back.

Big hug for Cedar.

Pontoon ride after supper.

Both kids got to drive the boat.

Check out Part 1 of our trip here.


  1. It is so beautiful! The scenery is something else! Those pontoon rides are the best. Love the faces of the boys driving the boat.

  2. Okay, that selfie (I assume) of Dave and the horses made me laugh so hard!!! Also, this post reminded me of how much I love canned beans with fried fish. YUM!!! And "docktails" is awesome!

  3. What fun times with family!! I love all these photos.