Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Weekend Recap

I took Friday off of work so I could take the kids to the dentist and then spend the day at High Park.  
Masks in the waiting room when we arrived.

It was Q's first visit to the dentist and he did really well.

Then we went to High Park.  We dropped E off at his soccer camp and then met up with one of Q's friends for a picnic and splash pad time.

And we rode the High Park train.

When E's camp was over we went home so he could get ready for golf with Dave.  They met up with one of E's friends from school and his dad.  Q and I did a few errands and then had an easy night, we made eggs for supper, and while Q watched Paw Patrol, I listened to some podcasts.  After he went to bed, the rest of us watched The World's Toughest Race on Prime. 

I got up early on Saturday for a run and workout.

I then picked up a few groceries and after lunch we went to a birthday party.  There was a massive bouncy castle/waterslide which was pretty fun.

Throwing some water balloons, but he didn't actually hit me.

Cake time.

We got home at a good time, by 6:00, put Q to bed and then we watched more World's Toughest Race.

On Sunday morning I decided to go to Costco.  We needed some gas and since there was no line up I went in to pick up a few things. 

When I got back, Dave had the bikes ready for us to bike down to the Stackt Market.  You may recall that Dave and I tried going there earlier this summer and it was a fail.  This time was better, still a bit of an issue to get a seat, but we did get the fried chicken we had been looking for the first time. 

Shivering on the ski lift.

We ordered fruit punch for them.  It was Mexican pop so the sugar content was through the roof I'm sure, good thing we had the dentist on Friday!

Photo bomb

Very tasty chicken sandwiches, but the fries were a little too crispy/greasy for me.

Fried chicken was good but needed the dipping sauce.


It started raining on our way home but we managed to get home without getting too wet.  Then it was movie/nap time when we got home.  We made burgers and fries for supper.  The kids were pretty tired so once they were in bed, we still had time for a movie, The Way Back with Ben Affleck. 


  1. "Life is an adventure"...Q's shirt says. So true! Another fun in the sun weekend. Stackt looks interesting. I like the pigeons mural with E and Q. That building in the photo where the boys are walking toward the CN Tower reminds me of one in Copenhagen.

  2. What a fun relaxing weekend! That Mexican pup is a favourite around here too LOL… They have it like once a year but would have it way more if I let them

  3. I've made various appointments for our kids next week but I'm only allowed to take one at a time so it's taking up a few days. You're fortunate you got to take both boys together. I love the bird artwork!