Friday, August 14, 2020

Friday Favourites

 On Monday I posted about going back to school and asked for some feedback, and I thank the  people who commented and sent me private messages.  I also put up a poll on my Instagram to see how other parents/educators feel.  I feel better that most parents are sending their parents back to school, given my Twitter and Facebook feeds, I thought that I was the only person who thought the plan was good enough to send my kids, and I wondered what I was missing.  It was pretty split about whether people were worried about mask wearing, class sizes, and getting sick, but overall I think we are willing to accept some risk for the reward of having our kids back in the classroom.  Things are changing and I think our government is doing as well as they can, trying to balance a variety of interests, but we are remaining positive here and we are excited about the school year. 

We had some of our fish that we brought home from our summer vacation.  We panfried it in butter with a bit of homemade fish fry dust and it tasted almost as good as when we had it before.  And the potatoes were fresh from Shelburne.

E enjoyed a soccer camp at High Park this week with our neighbours.  Masks on drop off is the norm now, although they don't need to wear it during the camp.

Q had soccer on Wednesday and since Dave was golfing E had to come with me (new protocols say one family member only, but they made an exception for us this week).  I brought a book along and E was content to read, although not impressed I snapped his photo.

On Wednesday I posted about my desk.  That morning I took Q to the playground at 8:00, before my first meeting, but I was still able to answer some emails there.

My workout studio finally got to open the doors to its new space with the start of Phase 3 in Toronto.  I'm not sure I want to attend a class in person yet, but they are still live streaming their classes, which is really great.  I tuned in on Monday and Tuesday nights, and will join again this morning.  I'm looking forward to going back to an in-person class, but just not right away. (Totally my own feelings, I know the studio is doing everything right!)

Another yummy meal we enjoyed this week was some homemade curry.  I made Jamie Oliver's recipe for lamb rogan josh (and even made my own rogan josh curry paste), and also an okra curry.  They were pretty tasty.  I'm so happy I can get fresh okra and fresh Ontario lamb up the street.

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  1. Both meals look so good. Homemade and local delights!

  2. That fish fry dinner looks so delicious! We have never kept/cooked anything we've caught.