Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Little Things

A few little things I am appreciating right now...

 Going to a store without having to wait in line.  I'm not sure if I am just hitting the stores at the right time or they are letting more people in than they used to, but I like not having to wait in line. 

Watching a show with E that isn't a kids show.  We watched World's Toughest Race on Prime and it is nice that we can enjoy a show that everyone wants to see (except Q who is in bed).

Sports on TV! I like hearing the call of a baseball game on weekend afternoons and now playoff basketball.  I even enjoyed watching the Leafs (ahem, short) playoff run.

Eating outside.  We try to eat our supper outside most nights and it is a nice treat during our relatively short summer.  

Summer storms.  I love a good thunderstorm (when I'm safe inside that is!) and this week we even had some hail!


  1. Eating outdoors is a real treat. It is great that you are making good use of your fine patio during the summer weather. I really get how watching non-kid tv with E feels. I'm thinking E is probably just as pleased to be watching an "adult" show with his Mom and Dad. ❤️ He's growing up! Oh, my!!

  2. I love a good thunderstorm too - especially this year when we haven't had that many. I am also thankful that I haven't had to wait in line to get into a store for ages. Thank you for reminding me about that small piece of progress.