Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday Favourites

If you have not seen my vacation posts yet, click over to see a whole lot of beautiful Ontario and fishing.  Now is the time to explore your own province (or state) and that's exactly what we did.  Now our province is pretty big and we went far (1,700 km) and we had a great destination at Hyatt's Manion Lake Camp.

Our week started out with blueberry pie, using the blueberries E picked when we were on our trip. Nothing beats those wild blueberries, it was such a good pie!

Q started soccer this week and he was so excited! The program wasn't sure if it was going ahead but with the movement of Ontario into Phase 3 they were able to start it up.  There were only 9 kids in his age group at his time slot but it worked out really well.

I took Q for a picnic and walk on Thursday. 

The river was running high but we still found a spot to throw some rocks.

This is Toronto, so fortunate to have this nature near our house.

Pretty flowers on the way home.

E had golf camp all week in the afternoons at Humber River Valley Golf Club.  He really enjoyed it and we are hoping he can go to another session in a a couple of weeks.  

That explosion in Beirut this week was unbelievable.  The stories coming out of that city right now are devastating. Canada has a large Lebanese community and we will be making donations to help the people of that city.  2020 can take a break anytime now. 

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  1. So much summer fun! We love wild bluebrries but weirdly no one in the house actually likes blueberry pie.