Thursday, July 11, 2019

How I camp

Camping can be a fairly divisive topic, everyone has their own (and often strong) opinions about whether they like camping or not and what is "real" camping.  So this is how we do camping:

We car camp.  Meaning we drive to our site in a park (typically a Provincial Park) and set up right there; no boating, no hiking, just straight out of the car.

We sleep in a tent, a big, comfortable tent, with air mattresses for all.

We cook our food on a Coleman stove, with grill (and optional griddle), and burner.

We do not bring the iPad.  We do use our phones for internet and music (but no Netflix).

We typically camp for three nights, never more than four nights.

We may have showers, but usually just rely on the lake to clean us off.  We are all filthy by the end of our trip, but are no worse for the wear.

Depending on where we are and the time of year, we will spend the days at the beach, go for a hike/bike ride, or rent a canoe.  We don't usually leave the campground, but will visit the camp store for an ice cream or french fries.

We get our kids involved with making the fire and gather firewood.

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