Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Weekend Recap

On Thursday morning we packed up the car for camping, and then picked up the boys and headed out on the road for a camping weekend. 

Stop at Tim Hortons on the way of course.

This year we took our three bikes and fit the bike trailer on the hitch as well.  It worked out so well.

We arrived around 3:30 and started getting set up.  The mosquitos were pretty bad and although we did use some bug spray, the poor kids were getting attacked.  
I made chili for supper, which was a pretty good idea but I didn't make enough.  And plus when E spilled his on the ground, Dave gave up his meal for him. 

So we biked over to the camp store to get a supplementary supper including a poutine, hot dog for Dave, slurpee for E, and ice cream for Q. 

Then back to make a fire and roast some marshmallows. 

Warning - too many photos of cute kids ahead

We all slept fairly well.  Q woke up early in the morning but eventually fell back to sleep and we didn't get up until after 8:00!!  After breakfast we loaded up the bike trailer with all of our beach supplies (and Q of course!) and headed to the beach for the day.  It was such a nice day!

The kids kept themselves pretty entertained all day.

Best sunshade ever (here).

Happy parents.

Lunch in the shade.  The pasta salad was supposed to be for Dave and me but Q liked it too.  I had also made sandwiches for the kids and we had lots of snacks. 

After lunch, Dave took Q for a run in the stroller so he could have a little nap.  And then they came back to the beach.   Our friends came mid-afternoon.  
A little bocce ball before supper.

Home sweet home for the weekend.  Site 137 in Outlet A at Sandbanks. 

Then back to the campfire.

It rained overnight but was nice and clear by morning for another great beach day.

Q had gotten sand in his eyes and was being a little sooky, so he fell asleep around 11:00 for about 45 minutes. 


Q did better after playing in the water and getting his eyes cleaned out and then wearing his sunglasses. 

In the bug shelter tent for supper. 

S'mores by the fire. 

And some biking

And washer toss

And general silliness in the dirt.

We have been camping with this family for about four years now I think.  They have a lot of fun.

In the morning I was tidying up our site and this blue jay came by for some muffin crumbs.

Our plan was to spend the day at the beach and then leave for home around supper time.  Q was in a good mood but wanted to spend more times in the shade. 

We packed up our site in shifts - first I went back and cleared out the tent and packed the bins.  Then Dave went back to pack the car. And then we all went back at the end of the day to take down the tent.  We got McDonalds in Picton and had a fairly easy drive back.

The next day (Monday) was Canada Day but E's camp started that day anyway.  Ready for soccer camp. 

Q played well all day by himself while Dave cleaned out the garage and I did all of the laundry and cleaned the kitchen. 

When it was time to pick up E, we went to the playground beside his camp for a little bit. 

And then had a wading pool which was so nice on this hot day.

Popsicles after supper to cap off our Canada Day weekend. 

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  1. Nice to see all these photos of your sunny camping weekend! What fun those boys had at the beach and around the campfire!