Thursday, July 25, 2019

These are the days...

These are the days...

- That you're answering question after question starting with "Mom?"

- That your living room looks like this:

- That you're soaking day old dirty underwear that was sent home from daycare

- That you're running from work to evening sports

- That you're realizing it's difficult to teach someone to read

- That you're making sandwiches as supplementary supper since your child doesn't want what you made

- That you're greeted with a big hug and smile when you get home

- That you're singing lullabies and holding hands in the dark

- That you get to go for bike rides and shoot hoops with your child

- That you get an ice cream or popsicle after supper, just because


  1. Yes, they go by so quick! You are right to cherish these days! Often tiresome, sometimes yucky but soooo joyful and precious!

  2. That is my favourite saying about parenthood!