Monday, July 15, 2019

Three Things

 Time for another edition of Three Things going on with each of us at the moment. 


1.  We are working on potty training and it is going pretty well, only a few accidents (particularly this weekend when we were camping and out of routine).  He pretty much gets it and although we will be bringing extra clothes with us for awhile, and keeping him in diapers for nighttime, he's well under way to being diaper free (during the day!).

2. Another big step for Q is that we took the side off of his crib.  He seems to realize that he needs to stay in his bed, unlike his older brother who needed someone to lay beside him until he fell asleep.  Even in the morning, he yells out "I'm awake!" rather than just getting up on his own. 

3. He likes watching Super Wings on Netflix, and then will act out the episodes with his toys (basically just asking for help and then having someone swoop in saying "Jet speed!"). 


1. E is on his third week of camp - first he did a soccer camp and then this is week two of Humriva  an outdoor camp run by the city.  I realized when I was dropping him off at soccer camp how great it is to have an easy going kid who has fun anywhere (when other kids were not wanting to be there or were too shy to talk to anyone).  I don't worry about him at these camps because I know he will be comfortable and make friends.  

2. He got a new bike at the end of the school year and has really improved his biking.  It helps that this bike actually fits him and has gears so he can get up the hills a lot better. 

3. He is very patient with Q.  We make him give up a lot of things just to make Q happy.  I realize that doesn't sound fair, but it is for little things like toys or food, but it often works out because Q usually leaves whatever it is after a few minutes and then E gets to take what's left over..  

Dave and me

1. We both went to the Banana Republic Factory Store recently (separately), and each bought a few new things.  It can be hit or miss there but the stuff they have now is great and always super on sale.  I mostly got work clothes and Dave got a variety of shorts and t-shirts. 

2.  We are watching a lot of The Office and Seinfeld.  We mostly just want something simple to watch at night but it does mean we are falling behind on our other shows, and haven't even started Stranger Things!!

3.  We also are coordinating the rest of our summer days off.  There are two weeks when E doesn't have any camps so we will want to plan some days off to look after him. 

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