Thursday, July 18, 2019

Favourite Take Out

When we order food, every couple of weeks, we tend to order from the same few places, even though there are multiple choices on UberEats.

We get our delivery pizza from Pizza Nova.  The secret is to order the crust well done. We don't have a standard order, but E likes Hawaiian so we always get that, and then some combination of the classic pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper, meat lovers, or Mediterranean.

There is an Indian restaurant just up the street where we get our Indian food, Durbar Indian Cuisine  I walk by it on my way home from the subway and it always smells so good, I really have to retrain myself from getting it more. We usually get Onion Bhaji, Okra, a chicken curry, and a lamb curry, and of course naan.

We get our Chinese from Westwood Grill.  Our order is probably pretty typical - spring rolls, fried rice, sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, beef and broccoli, and maybe a noodle item.  We often order this when our parents are visiting as a treat for everyone.

My favourite thing to order is jerk chicken and patties from Annie's.  It is a great price, and the kids love it too.  Usually I get them the friend chicken, but last time Q was even eating up the jerk and spicy rice.  I don't have a lot of patty experience but I've tried a couple of different ones and Annie's are so far the best.

And of course another reliable choice is Swiss Chalet.  It is a good price, quick, and popular.  Quarter chicken dinner with dark meat and french fries has been my go to order at Swiss Chalet since I was a child.

We have occasionally dabbled into sushi for Dave and E (I'm not a fan so I will get my own order of SC, see above), Burrito Boyz, or some Thai food, but for the most part the choices I've named above are what we get.

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