Monday, July 8, 2019

10 on the 10th

The theme for this 10 on the 10th Link Up for July is

10 things you want to do or try:

Immediate goals

1. Ride my bike to work.  I will do this soon. The map tells me it takes about 45 minutes, I can bring clothes to change into when I get to my office, and I know where the bike racks are.

2. Plan a family vacation for the fall.  We are just getting into summer but I know that fall will be here soon. Last year we went to Disney in October and it was a great time to be away.  We would like to do the same sort of thing this year.

3.  Plan a girl's trip, also in the fall.  Nashville? Vegas? Miami?  When kids aren't going, my list of requirements is small - can I eat and drink at some cool spots and go shopping?

Someday goals

4.  Try surfing.  I'm picturing Blue Crush, but I know my skills would be slightly below that.  I would still love to try it, I'm sure it would be an amazing work out.

5. See the beaches of Normandy and the other European war sites.

6. Own a cottage.  Dave has finally broken me down and convinced me that we should buy a cottage someday.


7. Get my eyebrows waxed.  I'm such a baby about this, but I would like have this done soon.  My brows are so light, sometimes I don't think it would make much difference, but I'll never know unless I do it.

8.  Set up appointments for regular massages.  A friend of mine recently did this and it makes so much sense.  I have the health insurance to cover most of the costs and I'm sure it would help.

9.  Decorate our front room.  After Christmas and the decorations are put away Dave always jokes that it looks like we are moving because the living room is so devoid of decorations.  I just do not have the decorator gene and I find it hard to design a room and then pay for the items that go in there.  We will get to this someday.  For now, it works for our needs, which is basically holding toys. ;)

10.  Send more birthday cards.  I often think I should send a card or little gift for someone's birthday and then realize it's too late to arrive on time so I don't do it.  What I'd like to do is stock up on cards at the beginning of the year and get them ready in advance.

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