Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Weekend Recap

On Friday I worked from home so while I enjoyed my coffee outside, these guys joined me outside, with their bagels and still in their pyjamas.  

The reason I stayed home was so I could pick up E early from camp and take him to a birthday party.  They went to see the new Spiderman movie. 

On Friday night I tidied up the house (in true fashion, we were having guests the next day, so it's good motivation to clean the house!). 

On Saturday morning I went to my workout while Dave went for a run with Q in the running stroller and E on his bike.  And then we continued to tidy up the house and prepare some food.  Around 11:30 we all got in the car go to Henderson Brewery to get some growlers.  Q wore these hipster glasses to fit in (they were the 3D glasses from E's movie the day before with no lenses).

Got a couple of pints, a snack, played board games and pinball.  Did a lot in about an hour.


We rested up and got the backyard ready for a few guests to come over for BBQ.

A little warm up washer toss

And some chair frisbee

As usual I didn't take any photos during dinner, too busy entertaining and talking.   But it was a successful evening. 

On Sunday we had no plans which was great.  E went to another birthday party at a trampoline park (and he caught a ride with the birthday boy) and Q just played around the house by himself.  So I read my book.

E went over to the birthday boy's house after the party and we went over around 4:30 to hang out too.

No one felt like making supper so we ordered Swiss Chalet on Uber Eats, and then went for a post-dinner bike ride to the playground.  It was such a lovely evening!

A great weekend of just hanging out in our neighbourhood, the best weather, and happy kids!
#blessed ;)

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