Monday, July 22, 2019

Toronto Summer Tour Guide

Here are some things I think you should check out if you are in Toronto this summer (not an exhaustive list of course):

Toronto Islands - This place has a variety of activities and it is worth the ferry ride for the views of Toronto alone.  If you have small children, the Centreville Amusement Park is fun (what I like is that the rides are by tickets or bracelets so the whole family doesn't have to pay an admission fee if only the kids are going on the rides, with a parent going every once in awhile).  There is also beach, biking trails, boats to rent, restaurants, and a playground.

Canada's Wonderland - We hadn't been to Canada's Wonderland for a few years but when we went last year I was impressed.  The rollercoasters are really thrilling (some so thrilling in fact that I will not go on them), there is a lot of rides for little kids, a water park, a some great food and drink options.

St. Lawrence Market - I always enjoy a market and this is definitely a popular tourist destination.  The peameal bacon sandwich is slightly cliché but is really good.  I prefer to get mine with the egg and cheese too.  The surrounding streets have some good stuff too - including Balzac's Coffee and a fish place.

Union Summer Market - I know, I know, I can't stop talking about this place, but I think it is a perfect place for people to pop by right in the centre of the city with a view of the CN Tower, it's very "Toronto".

Blue Jays Game - Even when the Jays aren't the best team, an afternoon or evening at the ballgame is always a good time.  Try the vegan nachos if you want something a little different, but the foot long hot dog is always popular too.

Distillery District - I will admit this isn't the greatest place for kids, but it is nearby the Corktown Common so you can pop by there for a playground/splash pad experience.  There are some neat shops, art galleries, and places to eat.  My particular favourite place to eat is El Catrin.

Sunnyside Pavillion - If you're staying at an AirBnb or a hotel without a pool, don't be afraid to check out the public pools, especially the Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool.  It's not fancy, but it is a refreshing place to cool off and it's free! (well aside from the quarter it costs to use the locker) We also like to head around to the Cafe that is on the lakeside of the Pavilion for something to eat and drink where you can watch the beach volleyball and the kids can play in the sand (full disclosure, the water here is not always safe to swim in).  I'm sure there is an equivalent on the East side of the city, but we are West siders so this is what I'm recommending.

I'm sure there are things I am missing that I would normally recommend but these are my top choices for sure.

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  1. Now I feel that I’m overdue for a Toronto visit! Great recommendations :-)