Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Weekend Recap

After work on Friday I met Dave and the kids at High Park for E's t-ball game.  Since I arrived first, I chilled out in the grass for a little bit.

E had a good game, and he even lost a tooth right beforehand while we were eating our picnic supper!

Ice cream cones when we got home. 

The next morning I went to my pilates class and then Q and I went to the liquor store on our way to the airport to pick up my mom.  While we were in line, Q just plopped himself down to play with Zuma and Chase (from Paw Patrol).

E had another t-ball game, and it was hot!  Q wasn't interested in sitting around at first, so we walked over to the playground but then just went to the canteen to get some treats.  All smiles after that. 

A bit of rain came down during the game so we scampered under the umbrella. 

Joining in on the post-game team huddle.

And then Q offered to take E's bag.

We got home, opened a couple of drinks and sat in the backyard while we waited for our pizza order and for E's friend to arrive for a sleepover. 

After supper we took the RC car to the park for a little bit, and then home for Q to go to bed.  The big kids were happy to sit in the front hallway with their chips, glasses of milk, and iPad.  It was the coolest part of the house I guess.

Pancakes and bacon for breakfast the next morning. 

In the afternoon we headed to my cousin's house in Brampton for a family pool party.  This was a gathering of the cousins from my grandfather's side of his the family - Papa's brother Bob is still alive and he came over from Oshawa with his son and daughter, and Papa's brother Allan's wife is also still alive, Helen, and these were mostly her children and grandchildren that were getting together.  It was a beautiful afternoon to be poolside and so great to visit with this side of the family! 

Q went back and forth from the cheesie bowl on the table and then back into the pool. 

So many little kids!

Aunt Helen and my mom

Uncle Bob and my mom

Our kids were the first in the pool and the last ones out!  Needless to say we had a good time.  

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