Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Weekend Recap

We enjoyed a hot and humid weekend (and will try to remember these days when we are freezing mid-January).
E finished up his two weeks at Humriva Camp - his team won the Humriva Cup!  And he received the "Most Enthusiastic" award, of course!

Dave had made some ribs and as they finished up on the BBQ, we enjoyed the backyard.

Dave's parents were stopping in on their way down East.

After the kids went to bed, we watched the Ted Bundy movie on Netflix (Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile).  

In the morning I biked to my work out class.  You could tell it was already going to be a hot day but it was good to get a workout out of the way first thing.   I sat outside for a few minutes with this guy.

Then we got in the car to drive to a three year old's birthday part at Lionel's Farm in Whitchurch-Souffville. They had pony rides and since a few of the other kids weren't interested, my kids each went three times. 

Waiting for his turn.

Then to feed the animals. 

I was too frightened to feed this emu, I thought he could take my fingers right off.

Cake time!

We drove home and then watched a movie while some of us (ahem, me) napped.  Then with the promise of margaritas and tacos, we got on our bikes to go to the bike store to pick out my new bike.  I picked one out but it needed to be put together, so I didn't buy it that day.  We went back to the playground for a bit where Q ran into one of his friends from school. 

And then to Mad Mexican!


Sun didn't help this photo but Q looked cute in my glasses. 

Back home for a bit of TV before heading to bed. 

Our plans for Sunday included a bike ride and swim.

Sunnyside Gus Ryder Pool was so refreshing and we were some of the first people through the door.

After our swim we went around the corner and ate lunch at the Sunnyside Cafe.  We felt like we were on vacation. 

We biked home and then I went to pick up my new bike.  Our cousin Lucy was in town for work, so she came over for supper.  We enjoyed a pleasant evening in the backyard chatting, sipping wine, and bird watching (we have baby robins in a nest over the backyard, and then we saw cardinals and a woodpecker).

And the boys wrestled. 

Dave and I finished up our weekend with A Handmaid's Tale. 


  1. Both boys look so cute on the horses...sitting up smartly!

  2. We love Sunnyside! We went there before walking to lunch at Palais Royale a couple of weeks ago and had a little pool party before eating outside (until people came to film a movie on the deck and we had to move inside, but we had been there for 2 hours). Did you know Sunnyside is the widest, longest pool in Toronto?