Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Weekend Recap

Another successful weekend of camping in the books for this family.  Here is the car all packed up ready go.  After the trunk is closed, the bikes go on the back.  

Since we were going north, the obligatory first stop is Weber's on Highway 11.  It is such a good stop, even when it is busy, there are lots of things to keep the kids entertained while you wait for your food. 

He said he was sleeping. 

We hung out for a bit longer since our camping friends (and neighbours) were stopping there too and we all left together to drive onto the campsite.

This time we camped at Arrowhead Provincial Park which is just north of Huntsville.  Usually we go to Algonquin if we are heading up to this area, but will definitely go back to htis place.  It is a shorter drive and all of the sites are huge (at least at Roe Campground where we were).  Site 448.

We were in a cul-de-sac which meant the kids could ride around on their own with very few cars.

Dave and Q went to get ice and firewood.

After we got set up we went on a short bike ride to see the lookout. 

And then to check out the beach.

Back to the site for supper - we had chili and campfire nachos (that ended up being smoked nachos and not that great this time) and then had our campfire.  It was Nicole's birthday so we had a cake for her.

We didn't have a great night's sleep but we managed.  We put both boys on one air mattress which was fine for sleeping but I was worried about them all night if they were warm enough or if Q was stuck somewhere.  And plus I'm always worried about the bears too. But despite a rough sleep for me, we all slept in until 8:00 which was great.  The next night Dave slept with Q and I slept with E so that meant less worrying and it was warmer so a better night's sleep for everyone.

On Saturday morning we got up and had eggs and sausages on english muffins and fruit for breakfast. 

Then we packed up for the beach.  It was not super sunny day but still nice to be out and the kids had fun playing in the sand.  Q even had a nap for about 45 minutes.  The other family we were camping with joined us about halfway through the day.

We packed up around 3:30 to head back to the sites.  

A few of us went for a bike ride to the camp store and this big field with hill was the highlight of the trips for the boys to ride down on their bikes. 

Ice cream treats before dinner - sure!

We had chicken skewers, potatoes and green beans for supper.  Someone was a little cranky after that and was almost put to bed right away, but he negotiated his way into some fire time.

The next morning was another beautiful day. We went for a short hike.  It was challenging in parts for those with little legs but they all did great and only had to be carried a couple of times. 


Back to our site for lunch.

Making grilled cheese sandwiches over the fire.

One of the families rented kayaks.  This is them coming over to meet us at the beach.

We spent the afternoon at the beach with Dave and I packing up our site in shifts.  We left around 5:30, grabbed some A and W in Huntsville and hit the road.  The other families were staying another night and leaving on Monday.  

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  1. Looks like a great campground. I enjoyed all the photos. The boys are just so cute.