Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Let's Look Wednesday

Today's Theme for Let's Look is "your typical day".

I have done many Day in the Life Posts, you can read them here.  They are my favourite types of posts to read and to write.  I love looking back at my regular days and remember what we were up to on those days. 

I'm not writing one of those posts this time though, but check back later in the month for one. 

Our typical day starts between 6:00 and 7:00, regardless of the day of the week.  Q is usually up around 6:30, almost without fail, even if he has been up late the night before.  On weekdays I am up early to get ready for work anyway, so he will keep me company while I shower, get dressed, and do my hair and make up.  On weekends, Dave and I will trade off on who gets up early with him.  

Breakfast time is often chaotic because even though I know it is better to prepare things at night time, I will leave it to the morning so there are breakfasts and lunches to make, clothes and other supplies to gather for school (camp in the summer).  E is our child who is slower to wake up and get dressed. 

I leave for work by 7:30.  I would prefer to leave at 7:20 but I'm never able to do that.  I walk to the subway station and it takes me about 40 minutes door to door to get to my office; I try to get there around 8:00. Dave drops the kids off at school and then starts his workday.  

About half the time I bring my lunch to work and I will eat at my desk and read and then go for a little walk to do some errands, and the other half of the time I go out for lunch.  

I usually leave the office between 4:30 and 5:00, lately to get home in time for one of E's sporting events that often start at 6:00.  Supper prep is some combination of Dave and me depending on the day, but we are usually eating supper between 5:30 and 6:00.  If E has soccer or t-ball, we will all go to watch that.  On those days it is a mad rush around, including when we get home when showers/baths are required, and the kids get to bed.  On nights when we don't have any sports, we may go outside, watch TV, work on school work, or just play and clean up.  If I am feeling extra organized I will prepare a breakfast shake and lunches for the next day. 

A couple of nights during the week I will go to a workout class at 8:00 so Dave will finish up bedtime.  I'll shower when I get home, maybe grab a snack, and then we will watch something on TV until 11:00 or so.  

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  1. Seems like we get up at the same time all 7 days as well.