Thursday, March 21, 2019

Downtown Restaurants

The other day someone from out of town asked me for a restaurant recommendation. I had to think about it briefly but I thought I would put together a list of a few solid places so I would know exactly what to say next time.  My focus is in the downtown core, rather than including some of my other favourite spots in the West end.  These places are not chain restaurants (not that I don't love The Keg on occasion) so they are unique and the prices are fairly reasonable.

Buca - on King West
This is probably my favourite restaurant in all of Toronto.  All of the food is amazing and I love the location.  It can be difficult to get in without a reservation made well in advance, but not impossible, so worth checking it out on Open Table to see what you can get.  There are also tons of other places around there to grab a drink if you have to wait.

Drake One Fifty
You know we love the Drake Hotel on Queen West, but the downtown version is equally satisfying.  The cocktail menu is a treat and the food is always tasty.

Terroni - on Adelaide
Terroni has solid Italian food with lots of choices.  The building on Adelaide is an old courthouse and has some really neat seating.  I have never been disappointed with my meal there.  If you are early enough it is also appropriate for children. There is another location on Queen West, also good.

This restaurnt is owned by Ivan Reitman (director of Ghostbusters, father of Workin' Moms, Catherine Reitman) and it has a California vibe which I like, especially if it's the middle of winter in Toronto.  I've eaten full meals here and also just stopped in for drinks and dessert.

Real SportsElleven
I grouped these two together since they are in the same building so where you go would depend on the atmosphere and food you want.  Obviously Real Sports is a sports bar with your typical sports bar offerings, although done very well, lots of beer on tap, and screens galore to catch your game.  It is an experience that is worthwhile for tourists and Torontonians.  Also a great place to bring kids because it is loud and the TVs provide distraction.   E11even is right next door and is a bit classier with more traditional plates.  It won't let you down. Both are great if you are heading to a Leafs or Raptors game since it is beside the ACC Scotiabank Arena.

Amsterdam Brewhouse
This one is right on the water, so technically slightly outside of the downtown core, but you can still get there quickly.  We have eaten here in the summer on the patio, which is lovely of course, but also in the fall when we got to enjoy the cozy inside.  Again, it is great for kids with lots of choice for beer and on the food menu.

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  1. Julia's best friend's uncle is the chef at Buca! I keep meaning to go there, but we always forget it exists. I didn't know there was a downtown Drake. Terroni is great!
    I didn't know Ivan Reitman owned a restaurant int TO. Cool!
    My downtown recommendation would be Canoe, though I have only been there twice, but it's on the more $ side (though I thought Buca was too, because his brother jokes with us that he can't afford to eat there)!