Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Let's Look Wednesday

Linking up with Shay and Erika for Let's Look Wednesday - today we are looking at the people in our family.  We live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

First up is me!

My name is Sarah.  I was born in Toronto and then moved to Nova Scotia when I was four.  I grew up in a small town, attended university in Halifax, and then law school in Fredericton.  I have been a lawyer for 11 years and recently changed jobs from a lawyer in a private firm to in house counsel at a construction company.  I enjoy reading, watching Instagram stories, food of all sorts (cooking and eating), being outside, staying active, writing this blog, and travelling. 

Next up is Dave.

Dave was also born in Toronto and moved East as a young child.  He grew up in Dartmouth and attended university in Halifax.  That is where we met.  He works in sales with a focus on the manufacturing industry in Ontario.  Dave likes watching the Raptors, playing Command and Conquer (I think that's what it's called) with E on the iPad, updating our financial/household budget spreadsheet, biking and running, and doing work around the house. 

Then we have E!  (For any new readers, I refer to my kids by their first initials on here so their names cannot be googled and brought to this blog)

E is seven and in grade two.  This smile says it all, he is happy all of the time.  E also likes to play Command and Conquer, watch super hero movies and cooking shows, read Dog Man and Harry Potter, play soccer and t-ball, bike, ski, play with his little brother, and paint.  He is a sweet boy who has a kind heart and shows concern for others.  He is also a joker and likes to be silly and make people laugh.

And last but not least is Q.

Q is two years old and goes to daycare everyday.  He is also a happy guy most of the time but as is typical of a two year old, can get frustrated rather easily and can be somewhat emotional (something we did not experience in the same way with E).  Q likes to play with cars and figurines, like Playmobil, watch Paw Patrol, be outside, help us cook and put stuff away, dance, make silly faces, and play with his big brother.  He is getting out of the baby stage gradually, although we need to take those big steps like get rid of his soother, move him out of his crib, and potty train.  

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  1. Great getting a closer look at your little family! Such a cool bunch 😀