Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Weekend Recap

For dinner on Friday we ate the leftover macaroni and cheese, and there wasn't much leftover so we supplemented with extra snacks.  Since it was Friday night family movie night, Q went right over to get the popcorn ready.  He wore his bucket while I filled the machine.

Then to the couch. We actually watched the Smurfs movie and it turned out to be really good.  Definitely some 7 year old humour that had E giggling and I laughed out loud a few times too. 

After our popcorn we made some nachoes, really just for a vehicle for our leftover salsa and taco meat from the birthday tacos.

I was up bright and early for Saturday morning barre.  It was a great class and nice to get moving so early in the morning.  I have had to forego these workouts all winter since Dave and E were skiing and Q and I had swimming.  Glad to be back. 

When I got home, I had some breakfast and did some tidying up.  Dave took the boys outside while he cleaned the garage.  The weather was still cool but the sun was out!

Q enjoyed some ice cream cake after his lunch.

Then I picked up this teenager from a birthday party.  Seriously, why does he look so old!?

When Q up, we drove over to our friends' house to drop off our high chair for their little baby.  We visited with them for a bit and then took advantage of the playground across the street for a little while. 

We started spiraling into not knowing what to make for supper and then Dave suggested we stop by Sweet Potato (in the Junction) to pick up ingredients for a stir-fry.  That seemed easy enough and Sweet Potato is a fun organic market in a new location from when I used to go there to get baby food ingredients.  
When we got home, I made supper and Dave took the boys down to the water on their bikes.   The river is free of ice now but the parking lot is still covered.  I wonder how long it will take to go away.

After supper we watched an episode of the cooking show we are watching on Netflix, and also enjoyed this snack.   After E went to bed Dave and I watched If Beale Street Could Talk. 

Sunday morning and off to church.  I was still dressed for winter but these guys were fine in sneakers and a light jacket/sweatshirt. 

After lunch I walked up the street.  I am officially an old lady as I take the wheelie cart to do errands.  I used to have the stroller to carry stuff back with but if I'm going alone, I can carry it all.  

When I got back, I made some cinnamon bread to use up the buttermilk I had in the fridge from the week before.  I had also made lentil soup in the slow cooker that morning so I finished that up.   Then I took Q to a birthday party.  It was at the Little Gym in Mississauga, a gymnastics gym for little kids.  He took a few minutes to warm up, but then was off running and jumping.

He sat right up to the table, asked to put his party hat on, and ate the pizza, fruit, and chips.  He had a few bites of the ice cream cake but decided it was too cold.  So he finished up and went back into the gym to play until it was time to go home. 

Meanwhile Dave and E went to the pub for supper and to watch the Raptors game.  I ran out of time to get to yoga, but my evening was better spent getting set up for the week, putting clothes away, cleaning the kitchen, and making lunches.  

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