Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Weekend Recap

We put together some great pizzas on Friday night. The Hawaiian one was the best but the other one was pretty good too.  Q was ready to dig in!

After supper we put on the second Harry Potter movie as E and Dave had finished reading that book.  We took a break around 7:30 to put Q to bed. 

Ready for bed and reading some books.

We finished the movie and all went to bed fairly early.  On Saturday morning the boys watched some Paw Patrol while I made breakfast (helped myself to an Irish coffee and square).

Then E and I hopped on the subway to do some birthday shopping for Dave.  It was nice to be out early on a sunny day.

We of course had to stop for a coffee and treat.  We went into Quantum at King and Spadina. E got the almond croissant and I had a cheddar scone. 

Meanwhile Dave and Q went for a walk to buy bagels, go to the playground, and get some McDonalds for lunch. 

After lunch, E did some math homework, Q napped, Dave did a bike ride, and I took about the dishwasher.  The last load didn't come out very clean so I knew it was time to clean it out.  It took longer than the 15 minutes the YouTube video I watched said, but I got it done and the dishes are much cleaner!

After a little break, I started cooking supper.  I wanted to make a theme dinner for St. Patrick's Day - Irish stew and soda bread.  It turned out well.

The kids went to bed at a good time and then Dave and I watched Green Book.  I know it was Best Picture but I didn't realize how delightful it was.  We really liked it!

The next morning we were off to church in the morning and then donned our green shirts for the rest of St. Patrick's Day.  We walked up the street to eat dinner at our local pub.  It was a success!

(look at the camera Q!)

I had this meal of butter chicken on french fries (with cheese curds and peas too because why not).    It was so good!!  And a couple of Guinness of course. 


  1. Those pizzas look awesome. Need your dough recipe

    1. The recipe is easy!! No Frills pre-made dough!