Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Why I...Changed Jobs

Making a change can be difficult but I knew I was ready to look for a new job.  Here are some reasons why:

- I really like practicing law but I was not enjoying the work that goes along with that in private practice - marketing yourself to clients and referral sources, docketing my time, trying to achieve my target for hours and billed work, invoicing, and collecting those invoices.  At a small firm where I was, we also had lots of other administrative responsibilities that took away from the time I had during the day to bill to files.  There were literally not enough hours in the day.  In my new in-house position, meaning I am employed by one company to do their legal work, I do not have to docket my time, and there are no billable targets, so administrative stuff is just part of my day.

- In private practice there are basically two positions you can hold - associate and partner (setting aside the various types of partner).  The next step for me would be partner, although that doesn't happen automatically, and then that would be it, nothing else.  

- I wanted a challenge.  I had been doing pretty much exactly the same thing for ten, almost eleven years.  The work varied between clients but it was relatively the same thing.  I wanted to expand into a different opportunity - and I found it in mining!!  Another thing that I like is that I get to be part of all aspects of the business, not just the corporate stuff after the decisions have been made.  I am involved in everything and it means I am constantly learning new things which I really like. 

- Many people want to move into less demanding careers or positions as they get older and their children get older.  I feel the opposite. My kids are small now but they won't be small forever.  I will be working long after they become teenagers and then later move out and don't need me as much anymore (sniff) so I need to advance my career now.  If I was to wait until they were older, it would be too late to make the change.  

- And then obvious things like a higher salary, better benefits, the opportunity to travel, and location of the office. Don't get my wrong, I loved my office in Mississauga, and the comfort of driving to work, but it is a fun experience to take the subway everyday and be out there with all of the people.  And so far I haven't spent all of my money in the PATH!

I only on my fourth week there, but so far it has been the right decision!

My advice to you if you are looking to make a change (not that you asked) is to take your time in making the decision.  It took me several months to decide to look for a new job and then several more months to actually find one, by that time, I was sure I was making the right decision.  Also, start networking now - beef up your LinkedIn profile, contact several recruiters (and keep following up with them), seek out someone who can give you unbiased advice on your resume, and ask your (non-work) friends about any opportunities they know about.


  1. So glad you found something that motivates and inspires you to do bigger and better. Onward and upward, my friend! Great post!

  2. Very proud of your decisions Sarah. Making a plan for your future not just for now, wished I had done that when I was young.

  3. I am in the position where I am starting to think about a job change and it is so hard. My current work situation is... okay... but I know it could be better. It's hard to be proactive so way to go on making a change!