Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Weekend Recap

Not a good Friday afternoon for Ironman at St. George Station.  

I got home from work at a good time on Friday afternoon so I had time to go and pick up the kids. Dave was going to play basketball so after our supper, the boys and I sat down to watch the original Mary Poppins movie.  Q watched until they came out of the chalk painting and then he went to bed.  E and I made some popcorn and finished the movie. Both boys loved the movie!! Made in 1964 and it still holds its own.

On Saturday morning I took Q to get his haircut. I should have asked for it a little bit shorter on the top but it is definitely a lot neater than it was!  For some reason Q was a little nervous this time and he had to sit on my lap (which meant my entirely black outfit was not a good choice, hair everywhere!).

Then we stopped in at the library so I could get my book and then we went to Tim Horton's for a little treat.  Q loved sitting up the table and eating his timbit and muffin.  The old ladies loved him too.

We went home after that and did some tidying up.  Dave walked E up to the movie theatre where one of his friends was having a party.  They got to see Captain Marvel.   When Q went for his nap, I finally started folding my clothes the Konmari way.  I did my drawer of sweaters and next up are my t-shirts. 

Then I went for a run to High Park and timed it so I would be running by the movie theatre and could pick up E after his party.  It was such a beautiful day, spring is coming!  I went to Costco after that to get gas and a few other things.

Supper time - roasted vegetables and chicken. 

Movie Night Round 2 - this time the new Mary Poppins Returns.   It was good but I really do like the first one much more. 

Sunday morning, after the clocks went ahead, and we were up at our normal time (about 7:00, the new time).  Some Paw Patrol and Wild Kratts to start our morning and then some pancakes for breakfast. 

E and I went to church; Q stayed home with Dave since there was no one in the nursery that day.  When we got home, E did some math and reading.

We had a rather lazy rest of the day watching curling, folding laundry, and tidying (and I made some meatballs for our weekday suppers).  But we did get outside before supper.  It wasn't really raining so we suited up and walked down to the river to check out the ice. 

We could walk around on the West side of the Humber, behind the Old Mill Hotel.  

We had pretty much the same supper on Sunday night as we had on Saturday (leftovers and extra vegetables).  And then we watched the curling before going to bed too late. 

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