Monday, March 4, 2019

Shopping Link Up

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1. Top 3 Shops?
Simons, Anthropologie, Old Navy

2. Where is the majority of your shopping done - in store or online?
I would say online, but mostly because I am buying stuff for the kids.  I don't buy a lot for myself but when I do it's a toss up between in store and online.

3.  What is your favourite thing to shop for?
Tops and sweaters because I don't have to try them on usually.

4. What do you just hate shopping for?
Nothing really - there are certain things that I hate to spend the money on, like work clothes, boots, jackets, etc. but usually I go a couple of times to check something out and then accept that that is the price I need to pay for the quality I want, and then I'll buy it.

5. What's your most favourite thing you've ever bought?
My North Face parka.  I bought it at Mt. Tremblant when we were there a few years ago. I knew I needed something like it and with the extremely cold temperatures in Tremblant, I made a quick decision to purchase it then and there.  And it was a smart purchase, it has never let me down (pun!) and was not as expensive as a Canada Goose jacket. 

6.  Do you prefer to shop alone or with others?
If I'm looking for something specific I like to go alone, but I like browsing with others.  If you want to be talked into buying something, bring me along!

7.  Best bargain?
Outlet shopping - they always have deals over and above the already lowered price. 

8. Thrift store shopping - yes or no?
Definitely not.

9.  Best cities for shopping?
Toronto and Las Vegas (for both good mix of outlets and malls)

10.  Who's your style or fashion icon?
I would hate to name someone as my icon for fear of them being insulted!! But people I follow whose clothes I like are Shay and Ashley.


  1. Well I kinda love that you said you loved shopping in Vegas and Toronto...those are two cities I've actually shopped a lot in and really enjoyed it!!

  2. I love that I don't have to try on sweaters and tops.