Monday, March 25, 2019

Welcome Spring!

Welcome to the first full week of spring in 2019!  We made it.  Actually aside from a few weeks of snow, I didn't find winter to be too bad.  It was tolerable and we weren't too burdened by the snow and cold.  But that's over now, so welcome spring!

A few of my favourite things about Spring:

Chirping birds.  I really noticed the lack of birds this winter; I'll be happy to welcome them back to our yard.  I wish we could put out a feeder but the squirrels (and racoons) are relentless so the birds don't even benefit.

Asparagus.  I know you can get asparagus all year round but it is always the first Ontario vegetable that comes out in the spring and I like making it- roasting in the oven, pan frying or adding to a pasta.  

Opening the windows in the house.  It is so nice to get a breeze blowing through the house, even if it's still a little cool.  

Easter. It is my very favourite holiday.  

Light and warmth in the evening.  A quick walk or bike to the playground is one of our favourite things to do.  

Rubber boots.  I have tall Hunter boots and short Sorrel boots and I love them both.  I wear them anytime I get the chance.  


  1. So happy for spring. Unlike you, this winter hit me hard!

  2. I love Spring too! And yes, I love my Hunter boots this time of year!