Friday, March 8, 2019

Friday Favourites

First of all, Happy International Women's Day!! Cheers to all of the strong and wonderful women in my life - may we know them, may we be them, may we raise (our young sons to respect and cherish) them!!

I'm really hoping that this is our last week of really cold weather, I'm not outside a lot but the walk to and from the subway has been frigid this week!  I finally found a secret to staying warm, long underwear over my nylons, under my skirt or dress.  I don't wear (or even own) a lot of pants for work and the nylons in our weather just weren't cutting it.  This week though I added a layer and stayed warm on my walk and then just took them off when I got to my office.  Winning!
These are the ones I have.

But we know Spring is coming, like in this painting that E did.  I shared this in my weekend recap already.  The next session for art classes at lunchtime is coming up so E is signed up and ready to go.  The theme this time will be Toronto scenes, which you know I am excited about.  I think they may even paint "our" bridge (at Old Mill).

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday with a few animal friends.  Dave had found these ones to try out.  The kids liked them.

We went to a wake on Monday evening for one of my relatives that lives north of here.  We left at about 4:00 and really enjoyed the drive through the country.   

I am now working in the mining industry and attended the world's largest mining convention this week. It is hosted in Toronto every year (it's called PDAC for those of you in the know..anyone?).  I attended a legal session in the morning and then walked around the trade show part (there were about three large rooms of booths).  

And guess who else was there, none other than our esteemed Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau!  I snapped a quick pic as he went by.  He was speaking with the President of PDAC but you needed to register to attend (as I was informed by the RCMP outside the door).  I'm not extremely happy with JT right now, but still appreciate the sighting. 

I have had the best lunches at work this week.  Call me basic, but I will always love some avocado toast.  This time topped with tomato and radish.

Dave got this cute picture while he and Q watched E's swimming lesson this week.

I wrote about the book Educated here.  Not sure if it was a "favourite" but good.
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  1. My kid loves pancakes, and the only thing better is when we do "special breakfast" and make fun shapes like that. Yours are so cute. And that tulip painting! So sweet. I've been enjoying a bunch of tulips on my counter too, especially nice when it snowed more this week... Stopping by from the Blended Blog :)

  2. Such adorable pancakes! Over the past few years my boys have informed me that they don't really like them; even with chips or berries added in.