Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Weekend Recap

After being away last week from Tuesday to Thursday, going back to work on Friday felt like a Monday.  I had a pretty busy day but got home at a good time.  Mom had dinner all ready for us and made this King Cake (a New Orleans Mardi Gras treat) for dessert.  

Photo bomb!

Then we settled in for an exciting night of curling!  Seriously though we do like it.  Intense.

On Saturday morning I got up super early to drive Mom to the airport.  She had been scheduled to leave later that afternoon but because of the weather warning she was able to get on an earlier flight to avoid delays.   When I got home I got set up to register for the Toronto Rec programs.  I was not very successful though - the camp I wanted is not open for registration until tomorrow, and I got waitlisted for E's swimming and could only get my third choice.  Wish me luck tomorrow!

E ready for his last day of skiing.

Then I got some tunes on while Q and I cleaned up.

We decided to skip swimming and go up to watch E's races, so we packed our lunch and left about an hour after Dave and E.  

It was snowing up there but looked so nice and it wasn't very cold.   We arrived just in time to see E's first run.

Tuck to the end!

It was a slow course given the snow, but he did well. 

Back up on the chair lift.

Q was happy to watch people board the lift so we stood and did that for awhile.  Then we realized they needed to reset the course before the next run so we went inside for lunch.   Then back outside to watch the second run.  E did so well and came in second in his age group!  Great finish to the year. 

All of the racers.

Smiling proudly with his medal on the podium.

Q and I left after the second run and Dave and E stayed to the end, of course.  He called on the way home and suggested we order pizza, which sounded pretty good to me!  After supper we watched Spiderman Into the Spiderverse and then I was happy to go to bed early!!

On Sunday morning E went to t-ball assessments (where they figure out to make up the teams and distribute the talent) while Q and I went to church. 

We did chores, laundry, and homework after lunch.  When Q got up and heard I was going to the grocery store, he wanted to come with me. 
Pumped about those meatballs!

Despite our cold weather, spring is on the way!! This is E's painting he did last weekend with my mom.

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