Thursday, December 17, 2020

Holiday Funnies

 I was going to share these tomorrow in Friday Favourites, but that post is filling up with other things, so I will just pop them on here (and link to them tomorrow for my Friday only readers).  Just a few funny holiday things for your Thursday.

This goes for Canada Post and FedEx too.

I do keep a written list of the parcels I'm waiting for but still...

Seriously!  Two going to Nova Scotia may never make it! (Sorry Emma and Sam, Sean and Lucy!!)

Dave is very good with shopping and wrapping, but let's just say I have the food all worked out ;)

It me...E is really out of toothpaste, but he'll have to wait.

Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Tam, spoke with Santa this week to confirm that he can come to deliver gifts as an "essential worker".  I know these things are a little eye-roll inducing, but I loved seeing Dr. Tam do something fun; she has had a long year in front of the camera guiding us through this pandemic with poise. Check out the link here.

By the way, Ontario parents of in-person school children, can you believe we made it to the December break?!  I thought for sure the kids would be sent home before now, but we did it (even with a few instances of getting tested, isolating, and missing a few days of school)!!  Fist pump!


  1. Thanks for the funnies! I can relate to the tracking ones! It's a busy time of year. And thanks for sharing Dr Tam's video chat with Santa. That was good to see. PS. Hope my parcel to you arrives soon! ; ) ; )

  2. Fist pump indeed for making it through almost four months of school. Well, I guess three if you count the dates. Anyways...! Also, I saw a hilarious Twitter exchange between Trudeau and others regarding Santa. You can see it here: