Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Weekend Recap

 Another Friday night, another pizza night.  It really is such a treat to look forward to our pizzas each week. E had several bubbles in his crust this week.

After we ate, we watched Christmas Chronicles 2. 

On Saturday morning, I took E to get his flu shot.

Then we cleaned the entire house.  It was our goal to get the Christmas decorations out so we needed to tidy up and dust/vacuum.  Q hung up his sock by the fireplace.

After a few hours of cleaning and lunch, the boys and I joined our neighbours for a walk. Meanwhile Dave went for a run and did a few more things around the house. 
It was a beautiful day.

We were gone for 3 hours! So you could say we were a bit tired when we got back.  I made some noodles and potstickers for supper.  We got the decorations up from downstairs and the boys put up the trees in their rooms. 

 The we got Q to bed early and the rest of us watched Home Alone. 

On Sunday morning we started decorating.  Q and E put the Christmas story booklets into our advent calendar.

We took a break from decorating to watch our church service.

E lit the first candle of Advent.  We don't have an actual wreath, I just plan on adding a candle each week.

After lunch E went to play with the neighbours (outside) and I took Q to pick up my order at Staples (with a quick stop at Starbucks of course), and then we went to a playground.  It was not in our neighbourhood but I had driven by before and it looked like something fun and new. 

And what a surprise, we ran into one of Q's friends, who also does not live in this neighbourhood so it was a chance meeting for sure.  They got to play together for awhile and I chatted with her parents.

We went home, the kids watched a bit of TV, and I did our meal plan and grocery order and then we got supper ready.  We also watched one of our favourite holiday shows, Mr. Bean!

E selfie while I was upstairs with Q. 

We watched The Mandalorian and then it was a pretty early night for us.


  1. Amazing weather for your weekend. Nice to enjoy the outdoors so close to home.

  2. The kids are excited to put up the trees in their rooms tomorrow and we'll be decorating our big tree too.