Friday, December 18, 2020

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday, and the start to holidays for some of you.  I am working on Monday but then have some days off.  And of course the kids are off for who knows how long?!

The kids had some fun dress up days this week - Wednesday was "Twin Day" and since we couldn't get organized with friends in their classes, they just dressed as each other :).  Thursday was "Ugly Sweater Day" but we don't have those so they just wore festive shirts.  Today is "PJ Day" so no problems with that one!

My workout studio, Saor, has done such a great job of keeping us moving and connected since March.  Over 100 people got together for their Annual Merry and Bright Workout.  It was so fun to participate in, and "see" everyone!  And even better, we had the option to donate to The Period Purse (supporting marginalized menstruators in our community). 

I do not have a basket of treats for our delivery people like some people so generously do, but I did buy a bag of chocolate popcorn/pretzels for our mail carrier, and a box of gingerbread cookies for our waste collectors.  In both instances, I put it in a bag, taped a note to it to say thank you and happy holidays, and left it for them (hanging on our mailbox for the mail carrier and tied to our organics bin handle for the waste collectors). 

Dave and I popped over to Costco earlier in the week and we sported our East Coast masks - both made by family members in Nova Scotia.  Dave's is the MacDonald tartan, and mine is the Nova Scotia tartan.  We have one of each but wanted to represent both :)  This is especially true of the NS one as they were hit with yet another tragedy this week, a lost scallop fishing boat near Digby, six crew members on board.  The sea is unforgiving. 

Erika posted this week about Christmas memories and how we often get so wrapped (haha) up in gifts and making everything so special when really it is just the simple things that the kids remember.  So I asked my kids the same questions she asked hers and here are the answers:

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
E - Sharing it with my family and getting my presents.
Q - I love all of you and thank you for giving. (that legit came out of his mouth word for word)

What is your least favourite thing about Christmas?
E - Waiting.
Q - Waiting

What is your favourite gift of all time?
E - Everything except underwear.
Q - a phone and a cup of water (?)

Yesterday I posted some funny memes and a video, if you missed, click over and see them.

And if you like reading, click over to my post from Wednesday and see what I read this year and my reading list for 2021.

Next week I have just a couple of posts planned and then make sure to come back after Christmas for two of my favourite posts of the year - my favourite things and a yearly recap.  We give 2020 a hard time, but there were lots of good things to share in these posts. 

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  1. Love those two sweet boys all dressed for school! Happy faces! And their answers to your questions. I agree, family time, sharing thoughtful gifts ....the magic of Christmas. Thankful to you for sharing these precious moments!

  2. The boys are so cute!! I used to love pajama day at school! Now that I am doing virtual, it can be pajama day whenever!! That is so sweet what the boys said about their favorite part of Christmas!! I agree, my least favorite part of Christmas is probably waiting, or taking down all of the decorations. I used to cry when we took down the Christmas tree. Have a wonderful day!

  3. yes to the husband comment!!! So many good things about 2020 but such a hard year for so many people, eh? Love the cookies, I usually just give cash to the garbage guys.

  4. Yes, that is the gift I give my husband every year! LOL. We just love pajama day.

  5. I had a pajama day for work on Friday too. It was so weird going to work in my pjs :) And I love your representing masks. I was so sad to hear about the fishers. :(