Friday, December 4, 2020

Friday Favourites

Like many of you I'm sure you saw your top songs on Spotify (or Apple Music) this week. Well here are mine:
1. Good as Hell - Lizzo ft. Ariana Grande
2. If the World Was Ending - JP Saxe and Julia Michaels
3. Truth Hurts - Lizzo
4. exile - Taylor Swift and Bon Iver
5. Heartlines (Mount Remix) - Broods

What were yours?

I had to move my desk out of the living room to make room for the Christmas tree. I am now set up in the corner of the dining room and have a few Christmas decoration on my desk.

I got some new masks this week.  I wrote about how we mask on Monday.  I got these homemade masks here.

I've often written how to havev a healthy holiday while still enjoying yourself.  I'm keeping some of that in mind this year too.  When I know that I will be indulging in some treats later in the day, I try to keep the rest of my meals "above board".  Like this lunch I had on Wednesday - scrambled eggs, sautéed vegetables, and spelt toast.  Filling, yummy, and healthy. 

We had a surprise for the kids on Wednesday night.  We had booked tickets for a drive thru light show at the airport parking lot (since it's empty *sniff*).  I wrapped up some new Christmas PJs for the boys (or for Q, just an old pair of E's that fit Q now, he was none the wiser) and we told them we were going to drive around and look at lights.   Then we drove up to the show.

This was the start, it was pretty cool!

They were excited.

And Santa was at the end! 

I had the day off yesterday so we picked up the kids when the bell rang (instead of them going to the YMCA), and we went to get our tree.  We get it Sheridan Nurseries.

We found a good one! We will decorate it tonight after it has a chance to fall down a bit.

Since we won't be going to see Santa this year, we are missing out on our annual tradition of getting McDonalds (not that we only get it once a year, but it is always a Santa thing).  So instead we got it after we got our tree.  It was good as always!

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  1. Wow! That drive-thru light show looks like it was a treat! Happy tree decorating!

  2. Happy December.... love all the festivity. How was the light show?

    1. I thought it was fun and the kids were delighted.

  3. I saw the airport lights thing but wasn't sure it was worth driving an hour to see it. Let me know if you think we should! And we're getting our tree tonight and probably decorating it on Sunday. Whooo hooo!!!

    1. I thought it was great, not sure if it's worth an hour's drive, but definitely something to check out if you're coming this way.

  4. That drive through light snow looks amazing! We were just looking at one near us but it's an almost hour drive and they said to plan on an hour wait and then it takes on average 20 minutes to drive through. So we decided to keep looking for other lighting options closer to home.