Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Weekend Recap

A short but sweet weekend recap today.  As I said on Friday this weekend would have been our annual Christmas party, so we were missing getting ready for that, but we did enjoy a quiet weekend at home, which is also nice.
It's pretty dark in the morning even though it was after 7:00.  Q and I watched a bit of TV before I went out to the store.

I got a few things at M and M Meats, Bulk Barn, and Loblaws.  When I got home, I made gravy for Christmas Day.  I use Jamie Oliver's method of getting ahead with the gravy, made with chicken wings. I will freeze it until Christmas Day and then add the turkey drippings while warming it up for dinner.  I put this on Instagram and tagged Jamie and he shared my story on his story, day made!

The kids and Dave were playing video games and Lego in the basement so I took a quick moment to rest on the couch.   We played Christmas music all day and the lights stayed on all day too. 

Then I called Q up to help make gingerbread cookies.

And then E came up to decorate too.

These are E's new PJs, Marvel characters as gingerbread cookies.  This was our inspiration but we don't really have the tools and skills to do that.

Since we usually serve our cookies at our Christmas party, I want them to be decorated neatly and uniformly (just plain faces and a few other gingerbread people accessories).  But this year we went all out with coloured icing and sprinkles. 

They are fun and tasty, even if they aren't "neat".

Dave and I chatted with some friends on Zoom on Saturday night. 

On Sunday morning, Dave and I both did our workouts before 9:00 which felt great!  Then I watched the church service live stream on YouTube.  After that we all went for a walk up the street to get a few things. 

With a quick stop at the playground.

Biting into the "best cookie ever" with all of the sprinkles.

In the afternoon we did another round of our Christmas Market At Home. Last weekend we made some food that you would normally get at a Christmas Market and invited a neighbour family to enjoy that with us and have a fire in the backyard.  On Sunday, we did basically the same thing with a different neighbour family.

Then we got cleaned up and watched A Muppets Christmas Carol.

One more week of school and work before Christmas!! 


  1. Jamie Oliver reshared your story?!?!? That's so cool!!!!!

    And I love both those Marvel gingerbread pajamas and your cookies.

  2. You are organized! Getting your gravy ready ahead. No wonder Jamie shared your story. He knows a good cook when he sees one! The gingerbread people look really fun! Nice to see your helpers at work! What fun!