Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Time for Giving

Yesterday was "Giving Tuesday" but it's never the wrong time to make a charitable donation.  I often make donations to different things throughout the year and I try to do a bit more around the Christmas season.  For some people on my list, I know they appreciate a donation made in their honour rather than receiving gifts.  Here are some places where I'm happy to send our money.  Many are specific to Toronto since it is often my preference to support local people, but you can find the equivalent in your own city or town.

Sanctuary - A community of support for people that live on the fringes, some homeless and some in precarious housing situations, close to Yonge and Bloor in Toronto. 

FoodShareTO - Focuses on food insecurity in urban areas and provide food to schools, shut-ins, and other community members.

Women's Habitat - A shelter for women in West End Toronto.  They are also looking for donations in kind for the women and their children that seek help from them, including toys to give them for Christmas.

Daily Bread Food Bank - Food banks are always important but especially so this year.  

Toronto Miracle Food Drive - If you live in Toronto, you can register your address and then on Saturday put out a food bank donation on your porch for Toronto Miracle to pick up. 

CAMH - Mental health has had a particular spotlight this year as well, so consider how we can help those who are vulnerable and need this type of support. 

I donate to our church throughout the year and this year I made a special donation to the Mission and Service Fund.  I trust that the United Church will contribute this money to places around the world where it is most needed. 

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  1. I love all of these suggestions, especially this year. Some of them are very timely.