Thursday, December 3, 2020

Christmas Staples

A few weeks ago I posted about what we usually have for special Christmas treats.  You can see that post here.  Aside from those special meals, here are some basic items that we always make sure we have around the holidays.

Clementines - Nothing smells like Christmas more than clementines.  They are great for eating of course, but many of the recipes we use call for these little guys too. 

Lemons/Limes - We always have lots of these on hand for cocktails, but also a good lemon and ginger water can help you feel better if you're overindulged the day before. 

Hot Chocolate/Apple Cider - Q is partial to hot chocolate and E prefers apple cider.  It is fun to make a hot drink along with some popcorn to watch a Christmas movie. 

Egg Nog - I like to have a nog or two, usually when we put up the tree.  It's good with rum of course but is also tasty with Irish whiskey and Kahlua.  We always have fresh nutmeg to grate overtop as well. 

Gum Drops - I am not a big candy person but I do like gum drops, so I will get some of these to fill a candy bowl throughout the holidays. 

Cheese - We like making cheese and crackers trays on a regular basis anyway, but especially at Christmas.  Now we won't need to stock up for our party or for any guests that are stopping in, but a cheese plate makes a good light lunch when you're planning a big meal for supper. 

Duck Fat - Dave makes the best roasted potatoes, and what makes them the best is the duck fat to cook them in.  We often have a jar in the back of our fridge for this occasion. 

Fresh Herbs - Rosemary, sage, bay, thyme, and chives are common for many of the Jamie Oliver inspired Christmas dinner components. 

Spices - Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves make an appearance in many of the sweet things we make.  Sugar cookies with cardamom are the best. 

Peppermint Extract - I like cookies made with mint, and I've also made my own peppermint mocha latte which requires this extract as well.

Now, I'm off to Bulk Barn and the local produce market to pick up some of these things that I'm missing!


  1. All this fun stuff. What a great idea for a blog post. I usually like a bit of nog myself! And those duck fat roasted potatoes sound awesome.

  2. Oh my gosh, duck fat roast potatoes sound amazing!!! I need to remember to buy eggnog. I think I am the only one in family who drinks it.

  3. This is making me excited to go shopping for the holidays. I've been adding a few things to the grocery list each week and re-reading this reminded me that we're out of eggnog. I don't drink it but Dave and Rachel LOVE it!