Wednesday, December 23, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

The last What's Up Wednesday of the year and I'm not sure there is anyone to link up but I like to keep a record so I'm posting anyway.

What we're eating this week...
Sunday - Steak
Monday - Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli
Tuesday - Butter Chicken in Slow Cooker
Wednesday - Lobster, Jamie's Dave's Perfect Potatoes, and Coleslaw
Thursday - Appetizers and Oysters
Friday - Turkey Dinner
Saturday - Leftovers 

What I'm reminiscing about...

We watched Home Alone 2 last night and so I am reminiscing about the trip Dave and I took to New York in November of 2013.  Things were getting set up for Christmas while we were there so watching the movie with E made me think of that, and also hoping that we can take the kids there soon.  I always like visiting places I recognize from movies, and I think E would appreciate the same thing.

What I'm loving...

Making all of the food for Christmas.  Even though we won't be hosting any family this year, I love all of the food, and I want to make it anyway!  We are still having the full turkey dinner plus our lobster tonight :) I always remember all of the yummy food my Mom and Nana (and others of course) made for Christmas so I hope my kids will remember the same thing. 

What we've been up to...

Much of the same as has been done for the past few months - not venturing far from home, staying cozy at home, watching movies, and trying to get at least some fresh air everyday!

What I'm dreading...

I remember back in March when the original plan was just to keep the kids home for an extra two weeks after March Break, and I remember thinking "What are we going to do with these kids for three weeks?!" and then of course they were home until September.  Now with the extra week at home, I'm wondering the same thing.  Fortunately they will be doing online school starting on the 4th and they are supposed to return on the 11th (we'll see!).  So I'm not really dreading just one extra week at home, but am wondering if that will really be the case!

What I'm working on...

Our Christmas puzzle!  Our goal is always to have it done by Christmas Eve and without any extra help this year (no parents visiting), it's a push to get it done!! :)

What I'm excited about...

Christmas morning with just our family.  We are missing everyone that should be here and can't come, but there will also be something special of our first Christmas with the four of us together.  We don't need to wait for (either) Papa to wake up!! Haha.

What I'm watching/reading...
Besides Christmas movies, of course, we are also watching Long Way Down, the docu-series of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman travelling by motorbike from Scotland to South Africa.  We just finished their newest one, Long Way Up (Patagonia to LA), and the first one, Long Way Round (London to New York, but the long way). 

Finishing the last book of my 2020 Reading List, Silver Sparrow.  Check out my picks for 2021 here.

What I'm listening to...
Our Christmas playlist on Spotify.  I shared one of my new favourite songs in a Friday Favourites post earlier this month, but if you haven't checked out Jamie Cullum yet, do so! Click here for the YouTube video.)

What I'm doing this weekend...
Tidying up, enjoying our leftover treats, playing Nintendo, reading - relaxing mostly!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
What I hope will be the end of the Southern Ontario lockdown (which is slated to go until January 23) and then getting back to the ski hill. I hope to also be hearing more good news about the vaccine and that our Covid numbers will have gone down during the lock down.

What else is new...

Check out the Christmas pageant that our Sunday School put together (link here). Everyone filmed their parts at home and then someone edited it altogether.  It turned out really well with so many participants!! Also, if you want to "attend" a Christmas Eve service, please join our church on YouTube on Christmas Eve at 8:00 PM EST.  Just go to YouTube and search for Royal York Road United Church and you'll find their channel. 


  1. Hey! We are having lobster tonight, too! Ha! Ha! Re: Papa comment! You always " look on the bright side of life"!! 😂 I'll be with you on the Christmas Eve service. 🎄🎶⭐️

  2. Last Wednesday, wow! I love your Christmas puzzle tradition. Definitely missed the MacDonald Christmas gathering this year - hope it is back in full force next year 🎄

  3. I also hope that lock down is over on January 23, the kids are actually back in school on Jan 11th, and that we'll get to do some traveling in 2021. Dave and the kids watched Home Alone 2 last night while I did a workout. I just didn't want to see it but I've seen a couple of Hallmark movies set in New York City and I MISS IT. Waaaah.