Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Let's Look - Christmas Cards


Today is the last instalment of this link up party and we are looking at our Christmas cards. 

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards, and I read about why that is here a few years ago. My family has always sent Christmas cards and I remember helping my mom with her list years ago.  For a couple of years I would write the standard Christmas letter, but when I started this blog I could just share the link and people could see what we were up to there.  And they get to keep up with us all year. 

This year we set up our tripod down by the Humber River, where we have spent a lot of time this year, and captured a few good shots ourselves. I designed the cards on Shutterfly and they arrived in record time.  

I have sent out most of my cards, but there are a few more to send. There are a couple of people for whom I did not have an address so I needed to wait for their card to arrive :)  I made sure I got the Maud Lewis stamps, she was from Nova Scotia after all!

For the cards we receive, I tape them to our kitchen cabinets so we can see them everyday.

If you do not receive a card from me, but would like to, send me your address in my Instagram DMs. 

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(March and May were crazy months so I did not participate, and we didn't have school pictures this year so I did not post for September either.)


  1. Those photos are so lovely! Your bright smiles...a joy to see! 💗

  2. I feel like we've been friends for so long now we need to start exchanging cards X) :-)

  3. I love your cards! They are so great! And I love that the spot where you took the pictures is so personal to your family.

  4. What lovely cards! I have one or two cards I'm still hanging onto waiting for the newest addresses too (we have a few family and friends that seem to move all the time!).

  5. I love how you put the cards up in your kitchen! I meant to do that this year, but Vu beat me to displaying them with strings that one can only reach with a ladder. I addressed your envelope yesterday and my cards arrived today, so you will get my new address and Christmas card, soon! That said, maybe I should DM you before you run out....
    I love sending and receiving them too.