Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Let's Look/Not Just a Mom

Playing catch up on a few Link Up parties today.

I'll be linking up with Shay and Erika for Let's Look Wednesdays again this year.  I missed it last week so I'm just doing my post now.

This year we will be looking at lots of fun stuff, and today we start off with my bedside table.

I sleep on the right side of the bed, even when we are away and sleeping somewhere else.  Sometimes when we are in a hotel or someone's house, I think for a minute about which side I'm going to choose and then I remember we already have a side so no further consideration is required.  The only time we may switch it up is if the bed is next to a wall, then I will take the open side so I can get up in the night.

Two things I must have by my bed is water and a timepiece of some sort.  I don't always drink the water but I don't want to have to go searching for it if I need it.  And I hate waking up in the middle of the night and not knowing the time. 

Aside from those two things, I have a lamp and a little dish where I can place my earrings if I have forgotten to take them off before getting into bed.  I also have a few books but I don't read too much, and a phone charger of course.

These four things are not kept on my beside table (less in more so I don't knock things off while trying to hit my alarm) but I do use them most nights.  I have some hand lotion, the Immune and Peppermint Halo sticks from Saje, and a lip therapy moisturized from Keihls.  (Not shown is my mouth guard that I usually remember to wear.) 

My drawer is a complete mess and this is really an incentive to clean it up.  It has become a catchall for a variety of things including all of the receipts from Christmas and birthday gifts, head bands, bookmarks, etc.  Honestly I have no clue what all is in there.

And now onto a new Link Up series hosted by my "friend", Sarita, entitled Not Just a Mom.  For the first one we are introducing ourselves.

My name is Sarah.  I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I was born in Toronto but moved to Nova Scotia when I was four years old.  I attended Dalhousie University in Halifax and the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.  I am a corporate lawyer for a mining construction company in Toronto. 

I have written this blog for about five years now and have enjoyed keeping my family and friends up to date on our lives and using it as a creative space. 

I am a member of the United Church of Canada, which means I believe in Jesus and his teachings, and that if you believe that, you will get to go to Heaven.  I tend to be left-leaning in my politics and philosophies.  I am always trying to learn more about the world and adapt to the constant changes.  Sometimes I am slow to do so, but I always have an open mind and a questioning spirit.

I enjoy reading, cooking, staying active, watching TV and movies, and travelling.  I like to spend my money on trips, food, and drinks. 

I am also a mother (which I should mention despite the title of this link up!) and a wife.  My husband Dave is also from Nova Scotia and we moved up here together in 2008.  I have two boys, one is 8 and the other is 3.  They are such good and sweet little boys and we love them so much.  We are doing our best to raise them right!

Feel free to browse around and see for yourself what I am all about!


  1. Lol at “friends”! We have many of the same interests, love this re-intro! That peppermint halo stick sounds wonderful... better than my vicks inhaler!

  2. What a sweet family and I am loving this idea of a new link party; it's going to be so much fun.

  3. I ALWAYS have to have something to tell time with when I fall asleep -- even if it's just my FitBit. And to no one's surprised, I also have a zillion books on my nightstand. And then I need my Carmex lip gloss. I hate waking up in the middle of the night with dry lips.