Friday, January 31, 2020

Friday Favourites

Linking up with AndreaErika, and Narci to share some favourites from the week.

I snapped this pretty picture of the skyline when I left work on Wednesday night.  I love silhouettes of trees against the sky.  The air is crisp up here and although I'm not outside for any length of time, I am appreciating the winter weather since it has been so mild in Toronto.

I've had a few good take out meals while I've been here too.  Indian from Holy Cow and a tasty sandwich from Radical Gardens

One morning I saw two foxes running along the river as I drove to work.  I wish I could have taken a photo but I know it wouldn't have turned out anyway even if I had space to pull over. So here is our fox from the basement instead.

Dave's been holding it down on the homefront.  He made this great baked ziti for supper one night.

And they have been working on the puzzle.

And when I was talking to them, I saw this cute smile from Q while they were watching Angry Birds 2.  I look weird because I was coughing when I took the screenshot.

Happy Friday!


  1. What a beautiful sky! Sounds like your husband is doing a great job holding down the fort. Last time I left my husband in charge he got invited out to dinner or over to other families' houses for dinner every single night I was gone!

  2. What is the baked ziti recipe? That looks delicious!!! And yes, I do wish we had more of a typical winter but this mild winter does make surviving it a lot easier :)