Monday, February 3, 2020

10 Must Haves for Winter

We are in mid-way through winter but wanted to share my top 10 must haves:

1. Touque.  I hate being cold and I need to wear a warm hat whenever I am outside.

2. Lip Gloss.  I always have some lip gloss in my purse, but I also have this great one that I apply at nighttime. 

3. Cough Drops.  I like the Halls black ones, extra strength.

4. Cream. I have cream by my bed, cream in the bathroom, in the car, and at my desk.  There is nothing worse (that's right, nothing!! haha) than chapped hands or a dry face. 

5. Scarf. I bought the most comfy scarf from Barefoot Dreams when I was in San Francisco and I love it.  Unfortunately I could not find it when I got back to Canada. I wish I'd bought more, it would make the best gift. 

6 Warm Boots.  I have had Ugg boots for years and then last year got a new pair.  I don't wear them everyday but they are perfect for cold and wet days.  When the pavement is dry, then I wear my other Ugg boots.

7. Long Underwear.  I wear my pair from MEC when I am skiing, sledding, shovelling, or just over my nylons/tights when I am walking to work. 

8. A Winter Hobby.  We took up skiing a few years ago so we would have something to look forward to in the winter months.  

9. Good hair stuff.  I got this smoothing oil from Drybar and it helps to tame my dry hair.

10. A Hot Toddy. I make this drink often in the winter time and I even bought the ingredients to make it at work (sans whisky). Nothing is better than holding a hot drink that smells yummy to perk you up when you're not feeling well. 

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  1. What a great list. I have those boots too. I will have to make my own list!!