Monday, February 10, 2020

Not Just a Mom Link Up - Date Night

Today's link up prompt is "Date Night".  

This is good timing since we just went out on Saturday night together.  We don't usually get a sitter to go out on a random night, we are usually getting a sitter when we have an event to go to.  On Saturday we went axe throwing after our friends invited us to go with them.  

As one of my new year's resolutions last year and this year, I wanted to make an effort to go out at least once a month with Dave.  If we aren't going out at night, then sometimes Dave will meet me downtown for lunch.  

Aside from official "date" nights, we do hang out a lot at home.  We enjoy watching the same shows and movies so we usually spend some time together after the kids have gone to bed.  When we were engaged we had to do a marriage course before getting married at the church.  One of the best pieces of advice was to stay connected with your spouse throughout the time your children are home with you, because one day your kids will be gone and then you'll still need to be connected to each other. And it is hard sometimes, we go through the motions of our daily lives and then collapse into bed.  But do make an effort to do something with just each other (even if you do talk about the kids the whole time you're out).  It does get easier as the kids get older and we are getting back into that spot again now that Q is three and is fine having other people put him to bed.

I also think it is important to travel without the kids.  We have been lucky to do some big trips the past two years, but even a weekend away is a good idea too if you can swing it.  


  1. We have been wanting to try axe throwing but haven't gotten around to it yet! It sounds like so much fun. Thanks for linking up today!!!

  2. Axe throwing sounds like so much fun. Brian and I are in the motion of just co-living and working towards connecting and dating again. Life and kids and a newborn get inthe way sometimes.

  3. Ax throwing?! That sounds so scarily awesome. We had a date night out this Saturday too and try to get away for a mini vacation of some sort at least every other year just the two of us.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing our graphic & linking up! <3